He made a disgusting discovery underground

He made a disgusting discovery underground

It was supposed to be summer 2022 The hottest year that have been measured in Great Britain since 1884. For the first time, temperatures above 40 degrees were reported and authorities announced at some point national emergency.

The heat wave has turned lush green parks and lush parks A sea of ​​withered leaves On the ground. The high temperatures created health challenges and significant transportation and travel delays.

But for one family in the seaside town of Folkestone in Kent, England, the heat revealed that their home was hiding a sickening secret.

Run on the walls

It all started when married couple Kate, 41, and Andrew Dempsey, 42, realized dark, sticky lumps had started dripping down their bedroom walls.

At first they thought it was the moisture that evaporated due to the heat wave.

– It has reached a point where we can no longer ignore it. The scent grew, and when I tasted it, I realized it was what I thought it was: honey, she told the news agency Coins.

– I had no idea what was going on.

Shocking discovery in the attic: – Get out!

Like in a horror movie

Dempsey says they saw the bees when they moved into the house. But the bugs are gone and the house has been given a fresh coat of paint.

– I went up to my daughter’s room above our bedroom. Inside, I pulled up the blanket. Then a lot of caterpillars started crawling out of the floorboards.

Beehive: Little did the family know that there was a huge beehive hidden under the floorboards.  Photo: Kate Dempsey/SONES

Beehive: Little did the family know that there was a huge beehive hidden under the floorboards. Photo: Kate Dempsey/SONES
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The couple decided to tear through the floor to see what was hiding under the planks. The scene ahead of them was like something out of a horror movie.

– We found an old rotten beehive. Lots of moths and caterpillars came out of it.

The internet is boiling because of this

The internet is boiling because of this

– incredibly disgusting

As the couple pulled back more floorboards, they discovered more and more of a giant beehive that was filled with loads of sickening honeycomb.

watch out: If you notice a specific sweet smell in the house, it could be a bad sign. Video: Embla Hjort-Larsen / Dagbladet TV. Photo: Norsk Hosop Forseeking/Exclusive.
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We’ve never seen anything like it. The sheer size of the cell was enormous. We started pulling more and more ground, and it seemed like it would never end, Kate Dempsey told SWNS.

– It was incredibly disgusting. The stench hit you with full force, and the smell of nausea lingered for the ages. I was completely speechless.

I looked under the car - I got a drop on the chin

I looked under the car – I got a drop on the chin

been invaded

According to Kate Dempsey, it would cost them over £10,000 (nearly NOK 130,000) to hire professional help to remove all of the honeycombs. So they decide to take the job themselves, with the help of good friends.

BZZ: While some people can’t handle the sound of buzzing, others seem to enjoy the sweet life with bees. Video: Newsflare
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Wear rubber gloves to extract the sticky honey. More than 180 cm of beehives filled with liters of honey were removed.

When they woke up one morning, the room was full of bees.

We asked local beekeepers for help. Then we were told that there were honey bees that came to steal the honey.

It took about four weeks to remove all the honey and the hive.

“We did our best not to disturb or kill any of the bees,” Dempsey asserts.

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