He makes emergency chargers out of old Leaf batteries

He makes emergency chargers out of old Leaf batteries

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(Al Bill 24): It is good to see that the electric car battery regains a new life even after the car crashes.

Nissan, which has sold more than 650,000 Leaf worldwide, in cooperation with JVCKenwood and 4R Energy, has begun using the old battery cells in other products.

Used paper: You can now get it from NOK 30,000 – but be careful

In the picture, you see an emergency charger that holds more power than a traditional emergency charger, which many people carry in their bags.

It contains two of the 48 Nissan Leaf battery modules, which from the older version’s 24 kWh capacity means the emergency charger would have had a capacity of 1 kWh if the modules were new.

He makes emergency chargers from old Leaf batteries

However, the batteries come from cars that are no longer on the road, and the company confirms that the batteries usually last longer than the car itself. The remaining capacity of each cell is measured, and cells with about 80% of their remaining capacity are not suitable for powering cars, but are reused in devices like this.

Norwegian research: If you charge this way, your battery loses capacity

Norwegian research: If you charge this way, your battery loses capacity

This means the charger’s total capacity is 800 watt-hours, which is enough power to charge the latest mobile phones about 40 times, power a modern TV for an entire evening or a regular refrigerator for a day.

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In Japan, it retails for around NOK 12,500, and then has ports for both USB-A and USB-C, as well as a 12V port and a regular socket. The entire unit weighs 14.5 pounds and has a carrying handle if it needs to be transported.

However, the product is not without competitors. Elkjøp, Power, Clas Ohlson and others sell, for example, the EcoFlow Delta 2, with a power of just over 1 kWh (1,024 Wh), a weight of 11.6 kg and a price of around NOK 14,000.

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