He mocked Smith during the Grammy Awards – VG

He mocked Smith during the Grammy Awards – VG

Comedian Nate Bargatze appeared in a helmet when he was presenting an award during the Grammy Awards.


Before Bargatze took to the stage, host and actor LeVar Burton “warned” that the next guest on stage was a comedian.

– He said if you understand what I mean.

He added:

“So I have to ask everyone to take their seats and keep their hands to themselves,” he said with a loud laugh from the audience.

– This should be used at award ceremonies

The host is referring to actor Will Smith clap for comedian chris rockjoked about his wife’s hair disease, at the Oscars last week.

Bargatze took the stage and explained the helmet.

– They say comedians should use this at award ceremonies when they come up with jokes, he says.

Then he realizes “wrong”.

– It does not cover the face but rather focuses on where you have to hit it. Stupid, I’ll take it off, he said, before taking off the helmet.

Bargatze was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album.

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On Monday night, he’s finally ready for this year’s Grammy Awards after being exposed to Corona for three months.

More jokes smith

When the main broadcast began at 2pm NST, comedian and broadcast host Trever Noah also came up with jokes inspired by the event during the Oscars.

We’re going to keep people’s names out of their mouths, he said during his opening speech, writing for the entertainment magazine Delivery time.

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Musician “Questlove” also had to joke about the event when he was handing out the Grammys for this year’s song.

– Yes. I’m sure you’ll stay 150 meters from me, said the musician.

“Questlove,” or Ahmir Khalib Thompson as it’s called, won a Grammy for Best Film Music earlier in the evening.

No comedian has been hurt, yet

No comedians were skated during the Grammy’s three-hour broadcast, but there was still some time left for the main broadcast on CBS.

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