He releases a song with Hank von Hell after his death – VG

He releases a song with Hank von Hell after his death – VG

Secret artist Ringness Ronnie released a duet with the late Hans-Erik Davek Hosby on Friday.


This was stated by Ringnes-Ronny’s Director, Peder Benjamin Hagen in Principal Management, to VG.

The song, which is described as grim, is titled “Blog & Tears”. It was recorded in the winter of 2020.

– A release was planned, but unfortunately we did not make it while Hans-Erik was alive. When Hans Erich is now dead, we think it’s a good idea to give him – in honor of him, says Hagen.

Hanks Manager: His body can’t handle it anymore

The song is a collaboration between Husby, Ringnes-Ronny, and two other songwriters. According to information received by VG, the song was originally created to address the loss of Husby’s friend, Ari Behn, who Died on Christmas Day 2019.

The Secret: Ringness Rooney has not revealed his identity to the outside world.

We got the idea to work with Hans Erik when we worked on the design of “Danspunk” – the concept that would become Ringnes-Ronny’s debut album and major first tour, says Ringnes-Ronny’s director.

We’ve seen many similarities between Hank von Hill’s free and rebellious expression and what Ranger Rooney did with his way of expressing himself. Hagen explains that critics don’t always like them, but it’s something that shocked many people who might feel left out.

Hank talks about the song

A VG video was submitted, Husby talking about his reaction when asked to join the project.

– I thought that after skate and russelåt now, I know “he answered”. He wanted to make the nachspiel song a little dark. Like. It’s actually quite dark, says Hosby, and then explains that they used some of the choirs he had on hand.

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– If someone asked me what Christmas 2019 was like, it was, Hosby says in the clip.

Director Hagen says he believes the song expresses a number of emotions that many people feel at Christmas or in the darker winter months.

Hans-Erik wanted people to feel seen and heard no matter who they were. In that sense, it was an honor to be allowed to work with him while he was still alive.

Proceeds from the song were donated to Mental Health.

Ringness Rooney It has millions of currents, but who is hiding behind the mask is unknown. He is often referred to as a Russian artist.

– He sings in Norwegian and Swedish, but we don’t say which country he is from, says Hagen.

got with you? This interview with MelodyPipe was given by Husby just six days before his death:

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