He returned to civilization after 33 years

He returned to civilization after 33 years

For 33 years, Mauro Morandi lived alone on the Mediterranean island of Bodnelli, where he was the only one to inhabit it.

The case was first reported by CNN.

The 82-year-old hermit has become known as the Italian Robinson Crusoe on social media. Over 80,000 people have followed his simple and lonely life.

Randomly stranded on the island

Morandi is originally from Modena in northern Italy. In 1989, he ran aground on the island of Bodenelli – between Sardinia and Corsica – after the engine of his raft was destroyed.

The shipwreck coincided with the time the island’s nature director was due to retire. Morandi applies for the job.

Morandi was originally a teacher, but during his time on the island he was responsible for keeping the area tidy, as well as telling daily tourists about the local ecosystems.

He had a battle for many years with the National Park Department, which wanted him to be expelled to make the island an ecological observatory, and now Morandi has accepted the decision.

La Maddalena Archipelago National Park consists of seven islands, Bodenelli considered the most beautiful due to its pink sandy beaches.

Pink Beach: Pink sandy beaches get their color from microscopic bits of coral and shells. Photo: Shutterstock / NTB
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Back to civilization

With more than three decades of hermit, Morandi was, According to BT . newspaperI’m not worried about what it will be like when you come back to a world of people, and modern technology everywhere.

He moved to La Maddalena Island near his former home.

“I’m happy, and I’ve rediscovered the joys of living a good life and enjoying the conveniences of everyday life,” he told CNN.

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Dagbladet previously wrote a case about Morandi, having to relocate from the island reluctantly. Then he was less optimistic about living on the island of La Maddalena.

– I will live on the outskirts of the city center, so I will only go shopping there. The rest of the time I’ll keep it to myself, said Morandi Til Guardian I’m April.

Now he used his pension as a teacher to buy an apartment with all the luxury he lacked before. It includes a new kitchen, bedroom and the most luxurious of all – shower.

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According to CNN, he is now eager to talk to people and exchange views.

“I can no longer enjoy the loneliness of the island, but now my life has taken a new turn,” he told CNN.

He says he focuses on communication and getting close to others.

Worried about reception

“I was very surprised by the number of friendly people, and I’m constantly invited over for coffee, lunch or dinner,” he told CNN, adding that he was concerned about reception from locals.

Another feature of returning to civilization is that an ancient torch lights up again.

Morandi shares her new home with her ex-boyfriend from her teenage years.

He no longer longs to return to the island, but occasionally returns on day trips to retrieve the belongings he left behind.

Now the island of La Maddalena is his new world that he is still exploring.

“I’ve been in Bodenelli for many years, although La Maddalena was quite close by,” says Morandi.

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Every day he wanders around the city taking pictures of quiet forgotten places, perhaps still searching for the lost silence.

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