– He sees that many have come for the wrong reason – E24

- He sees that many have come for the wrong reason - E24

One of the positive things about the downturn is that many people who got into cryptocurrency for the wrong reason, like making money quickly and then withdrawing, have left the field, says the crypto queen, who is still known from her time at Facebook.

CRYPT Queen Randi Zuckerberg is increasing interest and understanding of what is happening right now in Internet (Web3) development and the crypto world, especially among women.
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Randy Zuckerberg co-founded Facebook with her brother Mark, but she changed pastures and was recently named the Queen of Crypto by Forbes magazine.

She believes that there is a clear need for more regulation in the field of cryptography.

– If you imagine a perfect world decentralizationWithout a central governing authority Now, it’s simply not safe, she says in an interview with E24 regarding the Crucible crypto event in Oslo.

Blockchain technology, which is the basis of both cryptocurrency and NFT, is based on the ideology of decentralization of power, that is, it must be controlled by users without a central authority or owner behind it.

A glowing commitment at Zuckerberg in a group debate with Peter Northough, among others, who also yearns for the metaverse.

– You won’t win without

Zuckerberg says that almost everyone she knows in the environment has witnessed their digital assets stolen at some point.

– I don’t feel good, and when that happens, they leave Web 3.A new and more decentralized version of the Internet, which is not controlled by large corporations as much as before. It involves, among other things, the use of virtual reality in a kind of discrete universe referred to as the metaverse She says it should be possible to get something back when valuables are stolen.

At the same time, over-regulation is not good for innovation either.

We need to have access to something we can call Web 2.7, where consumers feel safe enough to enter this space, without that stifling entrepreneurship.

The authorities are now working at full speed with regulatory issues. Although many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are also aware of a certain need, it is a controversial topic in the community.

– though Encryption deterioratescrypto hobbyist term They don’t like the word regulation, they only win if hundreds of millions of new people get into the field and raise asset values, and they won’t come if it’s not safe, she says.

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Randy Zuckerberg’s “a-ha” moment in crypto came when she saw that artists could support their families by selling so-called NFTs directly to customers and then earning income from resales (royalties).

“Aha moment

Zuckerberg is very fond of the technical part of the crypto world – the so-called NFT.

The “a-ha” moment in crypto came when I saw that there are artists all over the world who can support their families by selling so-called NFTs directly, and then getting income from resale (royalties), which never happens on the show she says The setting or the material art.

Then it occurred to me that I could help thousands of artists get back to work during the pandemic by introducing them to Web3.

How do you see the future of NFT and cryptocurrency after the recent crash?

I think one of the positive things about the downturn we’re in right now is that we’re seeing that many people who got into crypto for the wrong reason, like making money quickly and then pulling out, are leaving.

– How interested are NFT buyers now?

– There are still many interested buyers, they are buying different things than before, says Zuckerberg.

Instead of buying works from the collection of tens of thousands of digital monkeys, people now prefer completely original works. They go back to the reason why people always buy art, which is that they love what they see and they love the artist.

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Crypto art hit the wall

– dangerous

What is your advice to people considering cryptocurrency investments?

– Start with art. The great thing about it is that whether the cryptocurrency goes up or down, you still have a great piece of art to be happy with.

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As a first step, Zuckerberg recommends buying art in Web3, because then you learn the basics, like creating a crypto wallet (wallet), and become part of the community.

– It was a very good entry method for many. If people want to move from that to other forms of decentralized finance or cryptocurrency trading, that’s fine.

She asserts that she never advises anyone to invest money they cannot afford to lose in the crypto world.

— But you generally have to be careful with Web3, because if your belongings are stolen, there is no one to contact, she says.

It is good to put some money into cryptocurrency to learn or buy NFT to become a part of this community, but there are many people who buy cryptocurrency with money they cannot afford to lose, and this is very dangerous.

– Women Should understand

There is still a huge number of young people in the cryptocurrency community. Zuckerberg is keen to do something about it, and he’s built a platform for Web3 creators called HUG. It aims to support growth in the female-led crypto business.

Why is it important to include women?

– Although we are early in Web3, I think the building blocks we see now will be the foundation for all industries in the future. If women don’t join in now, or at least don’t understand what’s going on, they won’t be leaders in the future.

– Then it will be similar to what happened with Web2, where women are struggling to catch up. So I think you Should Not Buying cryptocurrency, but as a woman, you have to understand what’s going on, so that when those careers start to develop, you’re there and understand that those paths are open to you.

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