June 6, 2023


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He thinks it may take a year before the masks break

He thinks it may take a year before the masks break

– 10th place is a very good place in the biggest music competition in the world. So we are simply very happy, says the head of the NRK delegation during Eurovision, Stig Carlsen on TV 2.

Norway’s contribution, Subwoolfer, earned a disappointing 36 points from the jury and was in bad shape after jury votes were tallied.

When the polls were tallied, it became clear that Norway had a total of 146 points. Subsequently, Subwoolfer finished with a total of 182 points and 10th place in this year’s Eurovision.

He is afraid of the mascurama effect

Many may have hoped that the Wolves would take off their masks during the final, but according to Subwoolfer’s translator Carl Henrik Wahl, this was never planned.

– Here we take things a little as they are, and also see what happens in the future. Whether it’s about keeping the mask on or not, we’ll have to eat it later. You are a little afraid of the Maskorama effect – once you take off the mask, it’s over.

A TV 2 reporter asks for a possible time frame of when we can expect to find out who is hiding behind the masks – a day, an hour, or a year?

– Maybe we should look forward to next year in time. Now we have to see if we can fool ourselves in next year’s Eurovision too, the translator smiles.

– Oi, is there a hint that Subwoolfer will appear at Eurovision next year as well?

– Haha, it’s fun to be here, so we’ll see what guys think about it.

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Sweden’s Cornelia Jacobs standing in wolf hats

The Wolves translator also reveals that they have many songs up their sleeve, and the audience can’t help but look forward to lots of new songs from Subwoolfer in the future.

With a total of 438 points, our neighboring country of Sweden, represented by Cornelia Jacobs, can rejoice in fourth place in the singing competition.

Sweden: Cornelia Jacobs represented Sweden with the song “Hold Me Closer”. Photo: Marco Bertorello/AFP

When TV 2 met her right after she decided to compete, she stood smiling with a yellow wolf hat on her head.

It’s hard to fall in love with some masks, but I’m very curious to know who’s under those masks, said Jacobs, at the same time that she was happy with her attitude.

I had swelling and cried in my throat

So it was war-torn Ukraine that ultimately escaped with victory. The Kalosh Orchestra received a total of 439 people points. It’s a new record when it comes to the popular vote.

Besides the votes of professional jury, Ukraine took first place with 631 points.

MGP Program Director Stig Carlsen admits it was great to see the Kaloch Orchestra on stage considering what is going on in their home country.

Won: Ukraine won the Eurovision 2022. Photo: Marco Bertorello/AFP

Won: Ukraine won the Eurovision 2022. Photo: Marco Bertorello/AFP

– I had swelling and cried in my throat when Ukraine was on stage. It was a powerful moment. I think that contributed to them getting a lot of audience votes, says Carlsen.

When asked if it would be appropriate for Norway to help Ukraine arrange next year’s Eurovision, Carlsen replied that it was difficult to say anything about now, but it is clear that Norway wants the arrangement.