He thinks that the Russian era has become an uncultured one

He thinks that the Russian era has become an uncultured one
We’d like to save Russ’ time: From left we see Aurora Heli-Hansen (18), Dua Bjerke (18) and Alma Bassler (19). They have recently been working on getting the young people in Halton to have a great Russian time.

Three girls at Halton High School will be changing Russian time for this year’s celebrations. They will make the celebration more inclusive.

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Dua Bjerg (18) says not everyone realizes how badly it can affect someone.

He sits on the Russian panel and believes that Russian time affects young people psychologically and that many may experience being barred from celebration in their first year at VGS.

Then you stand outside. You don’t get invited to parties, you see it on social media. You shouldn’t wear the same clothes or sit at the same table, she says.

VG has previously written about Russian groups, among other things, occupying tables in school canteens and banning others.

Russian VG now believes that Russian time is about everything, except celebrating 13 years of schooling.

– We think that the Russian era has become an uncultured one. Instead of celebrating 13 years of schooling, there now seems to be a competition to be the best and the best, says Aurora Heli-Hansen (18), who sits on the Russian team.

During the minister’s visit

Young people VG meets meet Education Minister Donje Brenna to talk about being Russian in 2023. And Halton to tell the Russians what they have done to bring about a better Russian time.

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The meeting comes after Prime Minister Jonas Kahr Storr was impressed by the girls during a recent visit to Halton.

– These women show an impressive social commitment, Prime Minister Halden told Arbiderblad.

In a meeting room on the top floor of the Ministry of Education, the minister welcomes the girls. They sit down and the conversation begins immediately.

Prime Minister Meets: Jonas Kerr Storr meets women in the Russian government Halton, Dua Bjerke (former), Aurora Heli-Hansen and Alma Bassler.

– There are many things that demand the discussion we have about the Russian era, says Education Minister Donje Brenna.

– One, I’m a little afraid that we’re fooling ourselves into thinking that until the spring of third grade, everything is fine, everyone is fine, everyone is involved, and suddenly things go wrong. Because that’s not the case.

– Secondly, there are many who portray how to change the Russian era as a simple matter. Law cannot be changed to change culture. It’s complex, and many people have to contribute.

– I think it is very important to highlight what you and others are doing so that Russian time is more inclusive, he adds.

Women listen and talk about their work.

Advice Shared: Russian also shared some advice with Donjay Brenna. In case you can find advice below.

Free Russian time for everyone

Three girls in the Russian group at Halton vgs. He has decided to be a wanderer. The reason is that Russebuss is restricted and not very inclusive.

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– Where we come from, being a wandering Russian is not attractive, because Russians have no privileges. A Russian with a vehicle goes out to celebrate. Alma Basler (19) says there is no place to get drunk in our city except for a national competition.

The women quickly realized they had to contact the municipality. It was helped by a Russian contact they had at school. Halton vgs. There is a separate Russian contact that supports and speaks Russians.

Partnering with the municipality, they found a solution where it had to be.

We had to build a Russian inn, a meeting place for Russians with free entry, says the 19-year-old.

Now there are more Russians who want to take advantage of their offer, and they are already planning several events.

Women believe that the most important thing is to give a chance to a Russian who does not spend money.

With Education Minister: Russian women from Halton chat with Education Minister Donje Brenna (AP).

The minister gave some advice

Alma, Arora and Dua have clear suggestions on what the education minister should do to make Russian time a better time for the youth.

We believe that all municipalities should make arrangements for Russians to have a place. If that happens, I think you will definitely see the changes you want to see, says Dua.

– Everyone should have a Russian connection, as in school. We have had a lot of help and we couldn’t have done everything we did without the Russian connection, says Alma.

The Education Minister believes the advice is good, and says it is advice that has come from meetings with municipalities, counties and Russia.

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– So when we meet here in ten years a Russian scum ten years younger than you, I hope that the municipal inn will be the new “hot”, says the Minister of Knowledge to the Russian he visited.

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