He thinks the world should fear the “Metaverset”

He thinks the world should fear the "Metaverset"

Experts have expressed strong doubts about the giant Meta project on the “Metaverset”, and believe that it should be closely monitored to avoid potential dangers.

The Meta-verse is referred to as a virtual version of the Internet, and it will be the main focus of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, in the future.

Among the critics of Facebook Alerts Francis Haugen. The news agency wrote that it fears the effect of Metaverse and the company’s lack of transparency AP.

“Bringing the Internet to Life”

After recent warnings and leaks of the so-called “Facebook Papers,” there has been a growing focus on how the company’s algorithms contribute to extremism by directing users toward extremist content, and moderation problems in many languages.

Name change: Mark Zuckerberg recently introduced Meta, the new name for the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, among others. Photo: Eric Risberg / AP

When MetaBet launches, the goal is to “bring life back to the Internet”. Mark Zuckerberg described it as a virtual environment in which one can move around, rather than just looking at a screen.

There, people will be able to meet, work and play with the help of virtual reality glasses, headphones, apps and other equipment.

– I’m very concerned about Metaverset. These closed communities are highly addictive, and encourage people to connect with the reality they are already in, Hogan tells the Associated Press.

Additionally, she fears Metaverset will make people give away more personal information than before.

requires sensors

“I’m afraid Metaverset will demand that more sensors be installed in both our homes and the workplace,” she says.

In the workplace, you also don’t have a personal choice as to whether or not you want to participate.

It’s addictive, and it gives the company a new monopoly in the internet world, Haugen tells AP.

Of course, such a monopoly means more money in the company’s coffers.

Meta constantly emphasizes its good intentions, but a large number of documents show that the company’s management shows little willingness to address problems identified by employees and others.

Facebook should have a transparency plan in place before you start building things like this. Because they’ve previously demonstrated through Facebook that they’re hiding behind a wall, and keep making mistakes, they continue to prioritize profits over security, Haugen says.

under heavy pressure

Facebook’s name change to “meta” comes in the wake of the so-called Facebook Papers discovery, in which 17 US media houses went through large amounts of internal documents drawn from the alerts and Facebook’s former product manager, Frances Hogan, who also previously shared the documents with The Wall Street Journal. Journal.

Critics point out that the name change appears to be an attempt to distract attention from the revelation.

Good faith criticism helps us improve. “I think we see a coordinated effort to selectively use leaked documents to create an incorrect image of our company,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during the launch.

However, the well-known Facebook platform will still be called Facebook.

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