“He was a constant risk in transit.”

“He was a constant risk in transit.”

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In 40 days, the 29-year-old was photographed 23 times at photo booths on Oslo and Baram roads.

In as many days, the 29-year-old was caught speeding two and three times over the speed limit. The police and the Oslo District Court reacted by maintaining a high speed. The last time the man passed a speed camera was on May 11 at an illegal speed limit, and the verdict was handed down on June 7.

For the first time a camera flashed and filmed him on Wednesday, April 3. Although the automatic traffic control on the blinker clearly showed that he was caught, he drove too fast on the roads.

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On Saturday evening, April 13, a serious driving incident occurred when he was photographed by a speed camera driving at 82 kilometers per hour in a 50 zone in Kirkevian, Oslo.

“In the view of the court, NN shows a complete lack of respect for traffic laws. 23 violations in one month are alarming. Many of the violations were intentional. During the police investigation, NN did not understand the necessity of keeping the speed limit. The court is of the view that NN caused a constant danger to traffic at the time of indictment,” the verdict said.

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