“He was not the coldest and clearest dictator of 2008” – VG

"He was not the coldest and clearest dictator of 2008" - VG
Frustration: Russian President Vladimir Putin is frustrated with the lack of progress in the campaign against Ukraine, according to the NBC.

In the war against neighboring Ukraine, Russia and President Vladimir Putin faced unexpectedly fierce opposition. Former CIA Director John Brennan believes Putin did not count as much as he did before.


– Former CIA Director John Brennan says he was not the coldest and clearest dictator of 2008. NBC News.

Brennan cites Putin’s military entry into the Republic of South Ossetia, which seceded from Georgia 14 years ago.

The Russian president has a background as an intelligence officer in the KGB and has long been classified as a cynical and accountable figure in international politics.

The intention is that the war against Ukraine will expand every day. Russia invaded the neighboring country on Thursday last week – and has not yet taken control of any major city in the country.

Tuesday one 26 km long Russian military column Observed on the way to the capital of Ukraine.

He took her to bed

According to NBC, US intelligence sources believe that Putin is feeling growing frustrated that the invasion did not go as planned.

NBC sources say there is no indication that Putin is mentally ill, but that the Russian president is behaving differently than before.

The channel writes that US intelligence claims that the Russian president approached many of his close associates in the latest outrage.

Corona infection is also said to have led Putin to isolate himself from the rest of the Kremlin.

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Democrat Sen. Mark Warner told MSNBC: “This is a man who was clearly taken to bed by the scale of the Ukrainian opposition.”

Warner chairs the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee.

– He isolated himself. Warner says he has never been much in the Kremlin, believing that Putin gets his information from “yes-people” around him.

– Even more dangerous

Republican Senator Marco Rubio accepted Warner’s message on Twitter.

– We have not been in contact with Putin since 2008, Rubio writes on Twitter.

– It is a great mistake to assume that he will still make the same thoughts and decisions as he did then. Old Putin is a cold-blooded but calculated killer, he writes:

– New Putin is very dangerous.

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On Sunday, Putin ordered the Russian military to deploy what he calls “war readiness” as a result of relations with the West over the war in Ukraine.

It was reported that Norway was broadcasting on Monday night 2000 M72 anti-tank weapons for Ukraine. The Russians have already reached out to Western countries sending arms to the Ukrainians.

– marks the end of Europe as “a pacifist plan to mobilize the people after World War II”, it wrote The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

There are no Norwegian experts Norway has now agreed to be a party to a war.

No, according to international law, one cannot be a partner in a conflict by contributing weapons. But one can feel like a “co-enemy,” Cro Nistuen, an international legal expert who is the assistant director of the Norwegian human rights organization NIM, told VG on Tuesday.

– Following the decision to supply arms, Norway can no longer remain neutral. When one goes inside and gives intense support to a party in the form of arms, the neutral line is violated. It makes us a party. Mats Harlem, an international legal adviser and lawyer, said it was up to Russia how they would understand this later and whether they would now use international law if they chose to cross Norwegian national borders.

Read more about what experts think about this case Here.

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