He will dominate against Mourinho and Roma

He will dominate against Mourinho and Roma

Bodo/Glimt will receive a wonderful visit from AS Roma and Jose Mourinho in the Conference League on Thursday. Today, coach Kjetil Knutsen and midfield personality Patrick Berg met with the media.

– It’s a match we’re really looking forward to. It’s a game we deserved to play because we’ve put in a performance over time. It’s a big club, from a big league, with a great history coming here to Aspmyra. Roma is a good team with good individual players, but we strongly believe that we can compete. The high tempo of the match isn’t a disadvantage for Bodo/Glimt, says Knutsen.

The Bodø / Glimt duo think they can create a lot of trouble for Italians.

The most important thing is that we dare to be ourselves. Berg says we have faith that we can dominate these kinds of matches as well.

– We must be bold enough to dominate the match. That’s in our core game, Knutsen adds.

– What is “beautiful”?

Knutsen describes Mourinho as:

Mourinho is the type. One must admire it. He is one of the most deserving coaches in football. There are details in the game that can impress, but I’m probably a coach who attacks more. We tend to put coaches in booths. I’ve been inspired by a lot of people, but I probably have other coaches I deal with a little more than Mourinho, Knutsen says, before he mentions his biggest inspirations.

– Klopp is one of them. I have a great sense of philosophy and its thinking. Glimt’s trainer says the egg is also a great inspiration.

If Mourinho is the “special”, who are you?

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– The “ordinary person” was taken, so it will be the “beautiful”, Knutsen smiles.

You get more space than those in the elite series

Berg says he enjoys playing the best matches in Europe, both for Glimt and for the national team. reason? He gets a better time with the ball than he did in the Elite Series.

– My role will be slightly different from its role in Elite Series. In Elite Series, I have to run and jog to open rooms to others. It was often the player who was assigned to take me out for 90 minutes. It’s a nice challenge, because I have to earn my living. But in Europe you get more time and space with the ball, he says.

Bodou/Glimt has scored four points in his first two matches and has good chances of qualifying from the group stage.

Match start at 18.45.

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