May 29, 2023


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Head resistance - - pit in the head

Head resistance – – pit in the head

– This is a gang trip, I think it should be suppressed, says Sylvie Listack, FRP leader.

For the third day in a row, activists are taking action on the roads around Trantheim. Climate activists have blocked major roads such as the Elgsæter Bridge and E6 in Nordo. They belong to the “Stop Oil Exploration” group that wants to stop all exploration for oil and gas.

– Dangerous

Many of the activists are foreigners, NRK reports. FRP leader Sylvi Listhaug therefore calls for the expulsion of activists from Norway, and called for the intervention of Justice and Emergency Management Minister Emilie Enger Mehl.

– I hope action will be taken now. That means now you need to use the tools in the toolbox. I hope the opportunity will be used to expel these activists and of course prevent them from entering. Then they have to gang up in countries other than Norway, says Listak.

The International Action Group has previously carried out various activities in Norway. Among other things, they blocked the oil terminal at Szursoya in Oslo.

Sylvie Listack believes that blocking the most congested roads by activists is dangerous in traffic.

– The police directly say that this is dangerous because it is a very busy road. This can lead to a dangerous situation for completely innocent people who sit in the car and go to work. Then you have to put an end to it. It becomes clear that there is not enough power if the tools continue.

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– Stubborn and racist

Dagbladet says it would be “strange” to focus on the “Stop Oil Exploration Campaign” spokeswoman Ronza Therese Mileius, who has Sylvie Listak activists of foreign descent.

– These are not people who went to Norway to take action. These are people who live, work and study in Trondheim. He adds that the use of the immigration card is abhorrent and racist:

– This is not a national problem, it is a problem that affects the whole world. Climate crisis is something that affects everyone, wherever you are.

Mylius admits that traffic enthusiasts are creating problems in Trondheim, but he believes they are fighting for a bigger cause.

– Of course, we do not want this to affect individuals, but we do want to prevent the downfall of the community. We feel we have tried everything else, but the government is not ours or the UN. Since Sylvi Listhaug was also in government, we had the opportunity to take climate action before this, so we do not have that much time to act now.

To maintain the safety of the activists, Mylias says they were trained in a variety of situations.

– There are trained enthusiasts, we have trained with former AMK staff. We have good practices on how to deal with different situations and maintain the safety of ourselves and others, says Mileus.

KJIPT: Sylvie Listak's focus on the fact that some activists are foreigners is stubborn and racist, Ronza Therese tells Miley Docblatt.  Photo: Private

KJIPT: Sylvie Listak’s focus on the fact that some activists are foreigners is stubborn and racist, Ronza Therese tells Miley Docblatt. Photo: Private
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– Absurd

The FRP leader thinks it is ridiculous for Myles to call it racism.

– Everyone who is a foreign citizen in Norway must follow our laws. If they fail to follow them, it is the job of the police to deport them. FrP does not approve of foreigners engaging in illegal activities while in Norway. Listack says it is ridiculous to call it racism when those arrested for illegal activities are EU citizens.

In addition, Listack believes he and the FRP did what they could to reduce climate emissions while in government.

– These protesters have an unrealistic and naive view of the world. The world will need oil and gas for a long time. When the Progressive Party was in government, emissions fell, he added:

– Due to Norwegian gas, Europe has been reducing its emissions year on year, and this has helped reduce coal use. As long as the world needs oil and gas, it is better for Norway and other democracies to produce it than for dictatorial regimes like Russia.

Canceled: The weather demonstration was interrupted during question time on Wednesday, May 18 in Storting
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Full support from MDG

Climate activists are getting full support from MDG’s parliamentary representative, Rasmus Hanson. He believes there is nothing to say about the actions.

– They are fine. Disobedience is a tool in the democratic treasury that we can use to follow the book and be nonviolent and responsible for ourselves.

– Listak should think at least twice before calling traffic operations gangs. FRP is involved in slow-motion actions and other things that irritate motorists’ shirts, MDG Nestor continues.

Hanson, for his part, challenges Listak about activists coming to Norway to take action.

– She needs to think about why foreigners are operating, especially in Norway. Their understanding of the relationship between Norwegian oil production and oil resources may have something to do with the effects that many more Norwegians experience. We get the benefits, maybe the disadvantages, others just get the disadvantages, says Hanson.

– The head is completely bare

Annoyingly Libran - always rational, easily hurt emotionally, very passionate and maybe a little too intense.  Photo: Annika Byrd / NDP

Annoyingly Libran – always rational, easily hurt emotionally, very passionate and maybe a little too intense. Photo: Annika Byrd / NDP
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The response from the FRP leader came quickly.

This may be because Saudi Arabia or Russia or other oil and gas producing countries have not dared to act, and Listak continues:

– What’s completely empty in their head is that they are going after Norway, a Western country with a democratic system of government. The only decision they want is for us to shut down the oil and gas industry and take production, jobs and big revenues that Russia and Saudi Arabia have no interest in, human rights or environmental concerns.

– Acts in unison

Mileus responds to Listock’s proposal that it does not dare to operate in Saudi Arabia or Russia, saying that it is important to operate in Norway.

– We also often act in solidarity with those who are unable to act on their own, because of their safety. So it is even more important that we stand up for those who cannot afford it, he says.

Mileus also believes that it is hypocrisy for Listak not to recognize this act.

Climate Presentation: Actress John Fonda, 81, was arrested after an illegal climate demonstration in Washington DC.
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– To someone who claims to care about democracy, it is strange that she does not recognize our action. When it comes to SIAN protests, he has repeatedly stated that it is their right to protest.

The FRP leader, for his part, recognizes all legal demonstrations, but says they are not illegal.

– If activists do not understand the difference, I am seriously concerned about their insight into how Norwegian society works. Sure, I have no problem with climate activists using legal and democratic means, but the problem is, many of them are trying to make the lives of most people worse in extreme ways, says Listak.

On Monday, Sylvie Listack sent a written question to Justice and Emergency Management Minister Emily Enger Mehl (SP) as to whether she would take action to expel the activists.

The Ministry of Justice says we will answer the question within six days. They refer to the UDI as the deportation of foreign criminals.

UDI did not respond to Dagbladet’s inquiries on Wednesday.