Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt: Fact or Myth?

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt: Fact or Myth?

It is unlikely to have any benefits for your body.

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Pink, old, expensive And healthy – there are almost no limits to how good it can be Himalayan salt It must be yours.

Claims abound on social media, and if the videos are to be believed, Himalayan salt can lower cholesterol, improve nighttime sleep and hormone balance, and help treat migraines. But are these claims actually true? Is Himalayan salt worth the money?

Himalayan salt comes from salt mines in northern Pakistan where the salt was formed over a long period of time. The vast majority of Himalayan salt is made of the same as regular white table salt, which is sodium chloride. But then there's something extra too. The beautiful pink color is due to the presence of small impurities of minerals such as iron, calcium and manganese.

Alexander Sandtorf holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Bergen and was an Associate Professor at the University of Oslo.

not Strangely enough, people are interested in Himalayan salt. The unique color and the fact that it is so old probably makes us feel that there is something special about it. That salt has a unique ability, or that it is actually better for us than regular white salt.

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After all, it's completely normal, and we often equate normal with what's good for you. Let me put it this way – there is no limit to how beneficial Himalayan salt can be. The hashtag #himalayasalt has thousands and thousands of hits Instagram And Tik TokPeople enthusiastically explain how they use salt every day, as part of a healthy regimen.

Salt should be reduced Inflammation and headache control. It's also supposed to give you whiter nails, better breath, cleaner gut, better digestion, and clears up brain fog. Pink salt is so powerful that it will flush out toxins from your body, like internal cleansing, and help you lose weight.

Science, on the other hand, is tepid. Or ice cold. The shocking truth is that there is no good research to support any of these claims. Thus, all promises of better health are unfounded, and I can't find documentation confirming better hormonal balance, better sleep, headache resistance, whiter nails… yeah, you get the picture.

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The only claim What I find to be true is that Himalayan salt contains more minerals than regular salt. One Australian survey I just took a closer look at this.

The researchers analyzed the content In 31 different packages of Himalayan salt, they found that the salt contains more minerals calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium, compared to regular white salt. These are vital minerals that our body needs. However, this survey is not as good a selling point as you might think.

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Although there are more minerals in Himalayan salt than regular salt, relatively speaking it is still a matter of small amounts. For salt to be an important source of minerals, you must eat a lot of it.

For most of us, there are plenty of these minerals to be found in a varied diet. Secondly, the researchers also found something disturbing. And in one of the salt samples, they found dangerously high levels of lead, a toxic heavy metal that we don't want at all in our bodies.

For those who Concerned about the price, there is also another point here. Himalayan salt is much more expensive than regular salt. The price varies from one brand to another, but here is an example: Himalayan salt from Bio King 500 grams It costs 87 NOK in the Life online store.

Salt nuts in one kilo, i.e. double that It costs 13.90 at Oda. That's a much higher price to pay, for something that contains mainly small amounts of minerals, which you may also get in larger quantities through a regular diet.

If you like salt, if you think it tastes good or looks pretty – be nice. But it is unlikely to have any benefits for your body. Most of what you see about salt on social media is unfortunately just speculation and unfounded hype. Don't be fooled!

Have you tried Himalayan salt?


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