Health, Disease | Whole weekend in isolation due to covid suspicion: – Can't go in or out

Health, Disease |  Whole weekend in isolation due to covid suspicion: – Can't go in or out

(DG): Inland Hospital no longer uses rapid tests to detect whether patients have the coronavirus. Mona-Lisa Randclav-Glander noticed that.

Last Friday, Randclave-Glander was admitted to hospital after visiting a GP with suspected pneumonia. Doctors wanted to test her for covid.

– and then I was left alone until Monday without an answer. They stopped with such quick tests.

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– Think how embarrassing it would be to meet in the store with such a note!

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This is because Inland Hospital has stopped buying the rapid test. If patients need to be tested for corona, tests should be done locally in a laboratory.

– She says I can't go in or out because of that ordeal, so I have to lie down here DG.

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A lot of garbage

Randklev-Gylander points out that patients lying in isolation waiting for test results are very resourceful. Also, there is a lot of waste. Every time she needs help or follow-up, nurses and doctors have to wear full protective clothing, which is then thrown away.

– Garbage can be insane. It could have been avoided.

– I can't imagine that undressing and dressing would cost less than a quick test like this, he says.

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Randclave-Glander says she doesn't blame the nurses for this.

– They only follow the guidelines laid down below. It's not their fault.


Innlandet Hospital confirms that they do not perform rapid tests on weekends and therefore patients must be isolated.

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– Patients with symptoms of a contagious viral infection should be isolated in the hospital to reduce the risk of infection, says Ellen Henriette Peterson, director of medicine and health sciences.

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We're dead in 2023

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– Currently the incidence of both Covid-19 and influenza in the region is very low, while the incidence of other infectious viral diseases in the respiratory tract is significantly higher. The test, which checks for all respiratory viruses, is only carried out on weekdays outside the peak season for respiratory infections, he says.

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