Health Minister confirms relief next week – VG

Health Minister confirms relief next week – VG
Legal relief: Health Minister Invild Kerkol.

Health Minister Ingvild Kjerkol (Labor) says TV 2 can expect relief next week.


– Health and Care Services Minister Invild Kerkol says everyone can expect relief in the coming weeks TV2.

The news comes after the National Institutes of Public Health (NIPH) released a statement on Wednesday New risk report on omikron. There, the department hopes that most of the activities can be phased out in the short term.

– Most anti-infective measures can now be phased out over a short period of time, giving the disease burden significantly increased in the long run, FHI writes.

As the NTB understands, the government is now awaiting the latest professional input from an expert panel led by the Norwegian Directorate of Health, the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) and Professor of Economics Steiner Holden.

The government will reconsider the austerity measures on February 1.

The FHI hopes to have important policies for future dealings:

  • That community should return to normal daily life “as soon as possible”.
  • Infection should be handled with good advice and rules of life, not with law and order.
  • That corona is no longer generally defined as a dangerous contagious disease “in order to prevent certain municipalities from implementing drastic measures.”

Clear message to the government

And Oslo City Councilor Raymond Johansson Call Wednesday to seek relief in action.

– It is very important to say that public health is so much more than the absence of disease. Now is the time to get our lives back on track. Many live much harder than they should. He told Vijay that people should live, meet and be together.

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Impatient: Oslo City Councilor Raymond Johansson believes many of the measures are now disproportionate and calls on the government to open up.

The mayor mentions Denmark, which cancels almost all operations from January to early February – despite the fact that the country still has a lot of epidemics.

– They will no longer define Govt-19 as a socially important disease and I think we are on track to get the same picture in Norway.

– Do you think we should no longer define corona as a socially important disease?

– Looking at the infection rates and so on, he says it’s an important discussion that this is a socially important disease, and mentions the course director. Frode Foreland As I told VG this week, infectious activities cause more stress than disease.

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