Health minister says we must take more responsibility for our aging – NRK Norway – An overview of news from different parts of the country

Health minister says we must take more responsibility for our aging – NRK Norway – An overview of news from different parts of the country

I believe that many people who work in the health service feel that they have an important and meaningful job, but the working conditions do not allow them to take it. DIt’s probably frustrating.

It says Minister of Health and Care Ingwilt Kerkol (Ap).

Norway now has over a million old-age pensioners.

In 17 years, according to Statistics Norway, 90,000 new workers will be needed in municipal health and care.

– These are the challenges that show we need to have the right priority discussion, says Kerkol.

The discussion of care for the elderly in Norway is relevant again after the seminal documentary “Care behind closed doors”.

Here they reveal, among other things, conditions in domestic service worthy of criticism.

Plan your own retirement

Last year, the government set up the Health Workers Commission. The commission will find out how to recruit and retain qualified health workers now and in the future.

The report should be ready by February 1.

Kerkol says we need to innovate more, bring more technology, hire more people, but at least keep the people we have.

Health and Care Minister Ingwil Kerkol (AP)

Photo: Javad Barza / NTB

The government will also introduce a “stay safe at home” reform. This will make it easier for seniors to live in their own home for as long as they can and want to.

The Minister of Health encourages everyone to prepare:

– Each of us needs to do more to plan for old age, says Kerkol.

DThe quality of life in childhood may not help us when we need help, health minister says.

Pensioner’s Association:- Senior citizens are responsible throughout their life

– Older people have assumed responsibility all their lives, and do so as they age, says John Davidson, president of the Pensioners Association.

John Davidson

John Davidson is President of the Pensioners Association.

Photo: Johnny Syverson Byruda / NRK

– It’s important to remember that 85 percent of seniors are able to fend for themselves, he adds.

When asked if the pensioners association was concerned about capacity challenges in the health sector, Davidson replied that the problems were unfortunately known.

– We really hope to get this resolved before we have a shortfall of 90,000 workers.

Sick workers of Norway

Norway’s sick workers In the future we need more new ones. Home service Among the statistics for the longest sick leave is the workplace in Norway.

Musculoskeletal problems, sleep disorders and psychological problems are more common in this group.

According to surveys, there are very few people who are overburdened.

Håkon Johannessen of the Norwegian Working Environment Institute says role conflict is the most important reason for the high number of illnesses.

You have professional ethics, good care and an opinion about what is good treatment for that user. Then there is no time to give and many patients have to be seen.

Håkon Johansen

Håkon Johannessen heads work psychology research at STAMI.

Photo: Geer Token

– Johannessen says that if the emotional demands are high enough and the role conflict is clear, the strongest will develop diseases.

Several thousand people have already left the industry

Lille Sverestätter Larsen of the Norwegian Nurses’ Association says one of the main challenges now is to get the many thousands of people who have left the nursing profession back into work.

The President of the Nurses Association, Liv Sverestator Larsen

President of the Norwegian Nurses Association, Lille Sverestätter Larsen

Photo: Rune Stoltz Bertinussen / NTB

– We need to rehire them, and then wages are an important part of that, says Sverestätter Larsen.

Municipalities have been given more tasks

Helge Eide, Area Director of the Municipal Department’s Welfare and Employer Organization (KS), spoke last week about the increasingly stressful situation in the municipal health service.

– We know that over time municipalities have seen a sharp increase in tasks in the health and care service. More sick, older and younger people. There are huge challenges in getting enough people into services, Eide says.

Professor of Geriatrics and Senior Physician at Oslo University Hospital, Dorjir Brun Willer says poor capacity in hospitals leads to high pressure Municipal Health Services.

Brun Willer says the government should shoulder its responsibility and not impose more tasks on the municipalities.

Torgeir Bruun Wyller, professor at UiO and senior physician at the OUS Department of Geriatrics

Professor of Geriatrics and Senior Physician at OUS Torgeir Bruun Wyller.

Photo: Peder Bergholt / NRK

Many problems are connected to patients who are on the “borders” between state and municipal responsibility. As hospitals acquire fewer beds, the threshold is constantly being moved, he says.

Astrid Ovahip Sundspe, a researcher at the University of Western Norway, says of a similar development:

– He says that the government has long carried out reforms and implemented programs that have given the municipality more responsibility for elderly and sick users.

Shorter hospital stays don’t necessarily mean people are healthier. Hospitals are discharging patients against municipal care, he adds.

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