Health, weight loss | Kent, 36, made one move. Then I lost the kilo

Health, weight loss |  Kent, 36, made one move.  Then I lost the kilo

Korbadhagen (Netafsen): When 36-year-old Kent Solheim noticed that taking the kids to the skating rink was “a chore,” he decided to take action.

-Actually I noticed that I was heavy. Things in everyday life were heavy. And in my job – where I travel around the country and hold football shows – it is not profitable to weigh 122 kilograms, Solheim explains to Netafsen.

Solheim is known by the username @trikse.pappa on TikTok, where he has 138k followers. There he shared his weight loss journey with his followers.

When he met Bentavisen on a sunny afternoon in Korbadhagen in Sandefjord, three months after starting his journey, he had already lost 15 kilograms.

He can say that it is not as difficult as many people think.

He made a simple movement

The TikTok personality explains that he hasn't done anything special to lose weight, and believes the key for him is to focus more on doing the right things.

-I do not follow any extreme diets. “I eat healthy, give up sweets, and exercise,” says Solheim.

And yet he took one step, even though it was a heavy sentence to swallow at first:

– I cut the bread, actually. It's something I've always been strict about when people have advised me to stop. “No, I'm very fond of bread,” I answered then, Solheim laughs.

The transition to daily life without bread was easier than Solheim imagined.

The 36-year-old man was accustomed to eating bread two or three times a day, but he soon found it easy to replace bread meals.

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This is how Solheim replaced bread:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal
  • Lunch: “healthy” eggs and bacon.
  • Evening meal: biscuits and yogurt

-The most ridiculous thing is that now I no longer feel this feeling of hunger. Previously, I could eat at eight, and then I would feel hungry again at ten. But now I don't feel that hungry anymore, and that's nice, Solheim smiles.

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-It must become a part of life

Solheim had previously lost 30 kilograms, but ended up gaining the weight back afterwards. This time he wants the weight loss to be permanent.

-The goal is not to give up. He will become a part of my life,” Solheim confirms.

At the time of writing, he was training five times a week; Divided into two days of strength training, one day of 4×4 intervals or pyramid running on the treadmill and one day of 60-minute leisurely jogging

In addition, he takes a running test every Friday where he tries to run the maximum distance possible in 40 minutes. After reaching the target weight, training will continue four times a week, but with some modifications:

– But then I want to train more strength. This is what I like best. Now it's mostly about fitness to lose weight.

Solheim has done his best to make the most of the training period. Before the trip, he signed up for the “InBody” project at E2 Health.

After analyzing his body, he concluded that his ideal weight is 94.4 kilograms.

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If it continues at the same pace in the coming months, it will reach peak form this summer, in time to host an exhibition match between TikTok and YouTube Norway for mental health aid on August 3.

-The goal is to be in the best shape for it. I played last year and. Then I scored two goals with 122 kilos, so I should score a hat-trick this year,” Solheim smiled.

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– The most important thing is to start

Solheim is ready when asked what his best advice is for others who want to lose weight:

– Beginning, he emphasizes, before continuing:

– This is the most difficult. I first started walking. I calmly walk to myself at my own pace, not to train, but just to be outside and do something I wouldn't normally do.

He himself experienced that the desire to train came gradually after he started, and he believes the same will happen to others.

-And then the desire comes of its own accord. You notice on your body that “It was nice to go for a walk today.” The most important thing is to find the motivation to do things you wouldn't normally do, Solheim says.

– I don't think it was fun running around the factory in the first week, but now it's fun, he concludes.

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