Hearing impaired, handicapped | The library is for everyone!

Hearing impaired, handicapped |  The library is for everyone!

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He’s also right that the main library at Storgaten in Tonsberg is a demanding building when it comes to sound. It’s been that way for over 30 years. Sound travels well in the open space, both up and down between floors. Today it would probably be built differently.

But his criticism is that I, as a librarian, haven’t done anything to make better arrangements for those who are challenged at a high volume. He notes that the reading room is adjacent to the children’s section – but it’s been two years since the reading room was moved to a separate room on the first floor, which is more soundproofed. We have also redesigned several rooms, which can be referenced, for those who need to protect themselves more from sound. We have several rooms for the audience and meeting rooms that can be booked, we have a large room connected to the children’s section, with space for children’s activities.

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This room, Fantasia, is visited by many children and families with children when they are in the library. For those who want guidance from a librarian, we have a “Book a Librarian” offer, an offer where you can get individual guidance in a separate, sheltered basement space. The library has several areas, and in the basement we designed the most quiet area. There are now many seats left, now that we have been able to loosen the restrictions imposed on us during the pandemic.

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The library offers a more open solution, that is, those who wish, can use the library outside of its occupied working hours. Then it is often quieter, since there are fewer visitors. A more open solution is offered from 7 am to 11 pm, every day of the year. Just like in the gyms, there are times during the day that their stress is lower than others. Google tells you when it’s busy and when it’s not, just search the Tønsberg and Færder library, and you’ll get a graph of it.

Also feel free to check out our rich program, and avoid the days when the big events, if they become too demanding. Or coming up with seemingly manageable events, we try to reach as many different target groups as possible.

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Thank you!

On the 1st of September, I will leave my position as librarian in Tonsberg, one of the most beautiful libraries in Norway. I can look back over ten years with increasing visitor numbers, establishing the library as a literary house library with lots of activities, and many satisfied users from both the owners’ municipalities. Lending is also increasing, and we are pleased that lending to children and youth is increasing even more. Creating reading pleasure among young people, ensuring good reading skills, and helping to ensure that our future becomes useful people is an important part of the library’s social mission.

The complaints I received were usually because the library was full. Full of people and full of life – and sound. What I find sad is that it is children and families with children who are abused by those who complain. They are the people who must be housed, confined to their own rooms, and they are the people to whom restrictions must be placed. That libraries be quiet, that librarians be silent, is an old attitude toward libraries. As old as the library being just a room with books.

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Perhaps we should instead take into account that the Tonsberg region is experiencing strong growth, also in terms of population. Maybe we need more libraries? We see that the beautiful new library in the Revetal attracts people, although it is a little quieter than in Tonsberg. Maybe we need libraries in many places, different libraries that cater to different target groups? Perhaps we should also meet citizens with our services in other areas, also digitally? I hope that the next ten years will mean the continued development and enhancement of the library offering in Tonsberg and Werder.

Thank you to all of you who fill the library with life and activities, to talented colleagues who are eager to provide citizens with quality library services, to good partners, and thanks to both the administrative and political leadership of the municipalities of Tonsberg and Werder, who have chosen to invest in libraries. bodes well for the future!

Thank you!

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