Heat hat trick in Edna:- It’s warm and cozy in our garden

Heat hat trick in Edna:- It’s warm and cozy in our garden
Heat hat trick in Edna:- It’s warm and cozy in our garden
In the garden: Lars Kjetil Flesland and his son Lars Jørund pose with the climate station in the garden in 2019. The garden has set heat records several times in recent years.

Nowhere in Norway has it been as hot as Etne, three days in a row. The measuring station is in the Lars Kjetil Flesland estate.

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Edne takes one A three-time streakA three-time streakExpression from soccer about scoring three goals in a row.Meteorological Agency writes on Twitter.

The village has had the hottest weather in Norway for three consecutive days, with temperatures above 20 degrees. On Friday, the thermometer showed 21.1 degrees.

The measuring station at Etne is in the Lars Kjetil Flesland estate.

– It is warm and beautiful in our garden. Better to be known for something other than bad weather and precipitation, Flesland says, because we are in the middle of the rain zone in western Norway.

Viji calls asking if he has been standing in the garden with a hair dryer for three days.

– No, there was a fire in the garage and our carpentry shed last night, so I did vToday is very busy with completely different things. But luckily it went well, replies Flesland.

SWIMMING WINDOW: Last year’s seniors celebrated with a swim at Huck. On Friday, 19.1 degrees were measured in Oslo, but the showery weather will disappear soon.

Farmer has noticed that Etne has topped the temperature chart in recent days.

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– It’s nice to have this kind of weather, it’s warm and beautiful in Etne! The farmer says he is hopeful that this year’s summer will be hotter than last year.

That luck is about to change, says the meteorologist.

– Many will get rest on Monday

Such temperatures are not unusual in Etna in April.

– We are also used to the fact that it changes and changes quickly, says meteorologist Geir Ottar Fagerlid at the Meteorological Institute.

Cold weather will fall Slowly but surely down in Norway this weekend. It will start in northern Norway and reach central Norway on Saturday. Then it was the turn of southern Norway.

– Colder air will affect the weather in northern Norway and slowly but surely replace the warmth we have with more wintry weather. This will mean the start of next week in southern Norway, and now we have a snow warning, says Fagerlid.

– What about those who have now switched to summer tires?

– They should think twice before taking long journeys.

Snow: On Sunday, fresh snow is expected in the north of eastern Norway, south of Trøndelag and in the mountains of southern Norway.

Those who thought it would be short-lived were wrong. The wintry weather will last a little longer until the May 1 weekend. The weatherman’s advice is to enjoy it while you can.

– People expect that winter is over and now it is ready for summer. There are many people who like to retire on Monday.

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A good year for maize in western Norway

Although Etne has repeatedly broken heat records of more than 30 degrees in recent years, Flesland does not cheer for warmer weather in Lars Gajte.

Norway has become warmer and wetter due to global warming. With his own measuring station in the garden, he has a better overview of changes in rainfall and temperature than most.

– Although we have more hot days, the precipitation is also increasing. “I’m interested in nature and plants, and I see different plants in the mountains where our goats graze now than there were 30 years ago,” says Flesland.

A couple of years ago, he calculated the change in rainfall since 2000 and found that it had increased by 25 percent. At the same time, the farmer is experimenting with new plants.

– In recent years, we have grown maize here. We got a fantastic result in 2021, but not last year. So, we are hopeful that we will achieve it this year, says the farmer.

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