Heat wave in Europe: Wildfires break out in Italy, Greece and Turkey – situation worsens

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A heat wave currently causes temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius and is causing widespread wildfires in Italy, Greece and Turkey. An overview.

Antalya / Athens / Catania – one of the most Central European countries during the summer in Germany Weather With occasional rains, some holiday countries in southern Europe are battling extreme heat and drought. The current temperature in Greece is over 40 degrees Celsius. Massive wildfires are spreading in Turkey and Italy.

Italy: Firefighters with more than 800 forest firefighters – Sicily particularly affected

For days, large fires have been burning, especially in southern Italy and the larger islands. Drought, heat and strong winds cause the fire to spread. In addition to Sicily, West Sardinia is particularly affected. Forests and houses were burned there. Rescue workers must bring people to safety. The fire brigade said the situation was worse in Lazio, where the capital Rome is located, and in Apulia and Campania.

There have been more than 800 emergency services in the last 24 hours due to wildfires. The fire brigade announced Saturday morning (July 31) via Twitter. There were 250 missions in Sicily alone. Video recordings from Cotania show the fire spreading to the large city of eastern Sicily. Thick smoke spread through the houses. Operations at Catania Airport will be suspended on Friday evening (July 30). According to the Ansa news agency, 150 people have been evacuated from their homes in the city. On Saturday (July 31), civil defense officials forecast high fire risk levels for eastern and northern Sicily.

Turkey: Numerous fires in the holiday region of Antalya – four deaths so far

In Turkey, large-scale wildfire operations continued. The fire, which normally lasts for long days, erupted in two days, Agriculture and Forests Minister Becker Bakhtimirli said on Friday (July 30). Ten fires are still active, three of which are in the popular holiday area of ​​Antalya, Baghdemirly announced on Twitter on Saturday (July 31). Of the 98 fires that have occurred in several provinces since Wednesday, 88 are under fire.

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In television pictures, you can see meter-high flames, dark clouds and burnt landscapes. According to official reports, four people have died so far in the wildfires. A large number of people were injured. Some areas had to be evacuated, including the Mediterranean city of Marmaris and hotels near Bodrum. Authorities are investigating from all directions and have not ruled out arson. Temperatures of over 40 degrees are expected again for the next few days.

Wildfires in Turkey have already claimed many lives.

Rif Arif Kaplan / dpa

Greece: “Historic heat wave” – ​​Temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius

In Greece, wildfires near the capital, Athens, are once again under control. The Greek Civil Defense announced this on Wednesday (July 28). However, the heat wave that started at the beginning of the week seems to be continuing. After measuring 43 degrees Celsius in the last three days, according to meteorologists, the thermometers should show up to 46 degrees Celsius during the day over the weekend and throughout the coming week.

Even at night, the temperature in big cities should not fall below 30 degrees Celsius. On the state television station ARE Some meteorologists have already talked about the “historic heat wave”. Civil defense was ordered to suspend or reduce external work as much as possible. Cities have set up air-conditioned halls to provide shelter for people who do not have air conditioning at home. Doctors advised residents and tourists not to stay in the scorching sun and not to drink alcohol. One should bathe frequently and wear light, loose cotton clothing.

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Saturday will not put an end to the heat waves in Greece. Some experts feared the dangerous situation could last up to two weeks. (ph / dpa)

Rubriklistenbild: © Italian Firefighters / XinHua / dpa

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