Heat wave in Greece – 40 degrees! Turns off

Heat wave in Greece – 40 degrees!  Turns off

In the Greek capital, Athens, the Acropolis, with its 2,500-year-old temples, will be closed between 10 am and 3 pm due to the early heat wave sweeping the country.

Temperatures are expected to reach 36 degrees in the Greek capital today, and 40 degrees on Thursday, NTB wrote.

Also last summer, the Acropolis and many other tourist attractions in southern Europe were closed for periods due to heat waves.

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Greek newspaper Kathimerini He writes that the authorities are taking a number of measures to protect people in extreme heat.

Among other things, schools will be closed and public employees will have the opportunity to work from home.

Coker: Now things are boiling in Greece.  Here from a beach in Athens on June 9.  Photo: AFP/NTB

Coker: Now things are boiling in Greece. Here from a beach in Athens on June 9. Photo: AFP/NTB
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Delivery services will also be suspended in what is referred to as “the first heat wave of the summer.”

The Greek authorities also took measures to secure the country's electricity supply.

According to the National Meteorological Service (EMY), temperatures are expected to exceed 40 degrees Celsius in the coming days in the interior of the Greek mainland, especially in the central and southern regions, Kathimerini writes.

These are also the areas where there is the greatest risk of fire.

In the past, heat waves occurred in July and August, but since 2007 they have also occurred in June and now recur every two to three years.

A circular from the Ministry of Interior issued on Monday sets out the necessary measures to protect the health of service workers and ensure the operation of public services.

Workers abroad are advised to use personal protective equipment and avoid working during the worst period from 12 to 17.

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