Heated argument with Prince Harry

Heated argument with Prince Harry

Just before the New Year, the autobiography of Prince Harry (38) titled “Spear” was published. In the book, the Prince makes many private revelations and a number of strong accusations against King Charles (74), Queen Camilla (75) and Prince William (40).

Now, the book’s shadow author, John Moringer, 58, talks about what it was like working with Prince Harry. He does it in an article for The New Yorker.

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He describes the time following his release as turbulent, and recalls the media reaction as “crazy”. Moringer claims, among other things, that paparazzi and journalists work hard to connect with him and his family.

Prince Harry (38) and Prince Andrew (63) did not take an official part during the coronation on Saturday, May 6. Video: AP.
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In the article, Moringer also revealed that he and Prince Harry argued several times over the details of the book. Among other things, the author highlights a heated discussion with the Prince at midnight in the year 2022, on an anecdote about Harry’s military training.

- Crisis for Harry and Megan

– Crisis for Harry and Megan

The 58-year-old writes that the tale was brutal – it involved, among other things, the prince being beaten, starved, stripped naked and verbally abused. The verbal attack included derogatory comments about the prince’s late mother, Princess Diana.

The 38-year-old is said to have asked the shadow writer to finish the tale in a humorous way, which Moeringer sharply criticized.

Donald Trump made no secret of what he thought about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and their statements regarding King Charles’ coronation. Video: JP News / Nigel Farage / Red Runner.
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will refute

“Although this wasn’t the first time Harry and I argued, we felt differently. It felt like we were speeding towards some kind of crucial break, largely because Harry didn’t say anything anymore. He just stared into the camera,” he writes. .

The shadow writer believed that a humorous ending would remove the seriousness and make the incident seem less serious than it was.

Creates wild theories

Creates wild theories

Finally, Harry exhaled and explained calmly that all his life others had lived to look down on his intellectual ability, and that an element of clever humor would counteract it. Even when he was kicked and beaten and could not sleep or eat, he had a good sense of humour.


The two came to terms – humor was missing from the anecdote and the conversation ended with smiles on both sides. Moringer wrote that he got generally a favorable impression of the prince.

broken: Prince Harry reveals details of his alleged fight with his brother Prince William on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’. Video: Pluto TV
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“I just loved it,” the 58-year-old writes and adds:

I found his story, as he puts it in broad terms, exasperating and infuriating. The way strangers and those close to him were treated was hideous.”

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