Heavy rain and lots of lightning on the way – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio

Heavy rain and lots of lightning on the way – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio

– There’s a big difference in where and when torrential rain falls, but Achter will be more exposed, says meteorologist on duty Martin Granerod.

He advises people to check that drains and drains are open so that water can flow out easily.

– More than 20 mm, maybe up to 30 mm, within an hour, it creates challenges in relation to rainwater in many places.

Granerød knows that driving conditions can be difficult.

Meteorologists have issued yellow warnings for both lightning, rain, flooding and landslides.

Photo: Leif Dalen / NRK

Heavy storm in the North Sea

Really stormy autumn weather is expected over much of southern Norway on Monday.

Meteorologists have issued a yellow warning for both lightning, rain, flooding and landslides – with the risk of very heavy rain from 12 midnight on Monday.

A little further south in the North Sea there is an area of ​​rain and thunderstorms heading towards the Achter coast, Rogaland and Telemark.

– We see a very powerful thunderstorm, and it is exciting to see how powerful it will be when it hits our lands, Granerod says.

A lot of rain

– Parts of Rogaland and Aktor seem to get the worst first, but in the evening it will also be very severe in eastern Norway, says Granerød’s colleague Jan Smits about thunderstorms.

Meteorologists advise, among other things, to disconnect electrical devices and adjust speed according to driving conditions. Heavy rain is expected locally, and hail is possible, making roads temporarily slippery.

– The danger warning extends eastward almost to Oslofjord and northward, so it covers most of Telemark and a small part of Buskerud, says Smits.

Several places in Akhtar have already received some rain. 40 to 50 mm of rain fell in places where it rained heavily during the night to Monday.

Some places could receive more than 70 millimeters in 24 hours.

– Some places, including Kristiansand, actually saw up to 20mm of rain within an hour, says Smits.

Too much rain in a short period of time can cause high levels of storm water and make driving difficult.

Risk of floods and landslides

In addition to all warnings from the Meteorological Centre, NVE has issued yellow warnings for floods and landslides.

– The landslide warning covers many areas further north in Buskerut as the soil there is still wet and saturated after the rain we received earlier.

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