Heavy rain, lightning and thunder in eastern Norway – NRK Norway – News overview from different parts of the country

Heavy rain, lightning and thunder in eastern Norway – NRK Norway – News overview from different parts of the country

It is raining suddenly in many places.

It's a summer myth in Arendal. Then suddenly the skies opened up on Saturday afternoon on the 17th.

Yr's rain radar can show the most powerful cities in the area.

Similar downpours were reported and affected other areas in Greenland, such as the area near Moss and the area around Drammen.

A house in the Moss area may have been struck by lightning, police said.

– Smoke is coming from the roof. Firefighters checked the home with a slight burning odor. Residents were out of the home and no flames were seen, John Eric Nygaard, operations manager for the East Police District, wrote in a news release.

An investigation by the fire department revealed that it had not turned into a fire.

Meteorological Institute Lightning Map Shows around More than 5,000 lightning strikes have been reported in southern Norway in the past hour.

NRK reader Tobias sent in this video from Jesheim, north of Oslo, where it is raining as he sits under a parasol.

Heavy rain and drizzle occurred at many places

Meteorologists have earlier issued a yellow warning for rain in eastern Norway and Aktor.

Similarly, there is a risk of lightning strikes in many areas.

So far, heavy rain has been reported in many places around the Oslofjord.

The rain radar looked like this as there was a lot of rain around Arendal, and from Aktor to Buskerud along the Oslofjord. 17.10.

Photo: Yr/Meteorological Institute

The area around Skyne in the Telemark was one of the areas that received the heaviest rain since Saturday afternoon.

Fear up to 20 mm per hour

Up to 20mm of rain is possible within an hour and there will be heavy rain with lightning and thunder in some places. Therefore, a yellow warning has been issued for eastern Norway and Aktor from 2:00 p.m.

Storm water in a parking garage in Skine

Heavy rains all around Skyne have resulted in large amounts of water. Among other things, it is noticeable by the accumulation of water that does not drain quickly, as in this car park.

Photo: Håkon Lie / NRK

– Warm, sunny, thundery showers. You'll get everything together, meteorologist Rafael Escobar Lovdall said in advance of Saturday's weather in the south of the country.

Meteorologists have said that the weather will remain calm till Sunday.

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