Hedvig Glestad flu is open to diagnosis

Hedvig Glestad flu is open to diagnosis

BERGEN/OSLO (Dagbladet): Influencer Hedvig Sophie Glestad (30) became a truly familiar face when she and ex-boyfriend David Eriksen (55) opened their home on the reality series “Alle elsker David.”

Here, the 30-year-old charmed many, and after the success of the series, she gained a strong following in social media.

Recently, Glestad shared that she was diagnosed with ADD on an Instagram Story post with nearly 60,000 followers.

In front of Dagbladet, she can reveal why she has now chosen to share candidly about the diagnosis.

Many are ashamed

– A lot of people pointed it out – because I was on TV. People have pointed out things about my personality. I’ve had quite a bit of “aha” experience and I think it’s good to be honest about it, because there are a lot of people who appreciate it, Glestad tells Dagbladet.

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She also notes that she wants to help others feel better about the diagnosis, and that many are choosing to share their story with the influencer.

– There are a lot of people who are ashamed and suffer from their self-image, she said.

She also reveals that several people have pointed out certain aspects of her behavior on the reality show.

– There are a lot of people who comment on the fact that I leak and screw up, that everything is just a game. She adds that some are about diagnosis and some are about my personality.

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The ‘wrong’ diagnosis

The influencer had a question round on Tuesday last week where she was asked: “She has ADHD myself and can be afraid of not doing well etc because no. Have you ever felt it before?”

“This has been my biggest problem for as long as possible,” said Glistad frankly.

Furthermore, Glistad shared that those who investigated her in childhood found she had ADHD, not ADHD.

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to me norwegian institute of health The diagnoses are similar in that both lead to problems concentrating, but they differ in that ADHD also means a person is hyperactive and more impulsive.

Glestad further said it didn’t appear to be too serious when it was “only” ADD and not ADHD.

– I did not take medication, but it was clear that things were not as they should be in my head.

– I am very upset and angry with those who investigated me because I did not receive proper follow-up there. Perhaps my life could have been quite different, as the prolific influencer usually says.

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found acceptance

For Glestad, it was a long battle to accept herself as she is, but she finally succeeded.

– I’ve accepted how I am, I don’t work like everyone else in my head with my focus and how I do things. He says it took me so long to accept that Glstad.

The frank reality file shows that when she is able to accept the diagnosis for what it is, she feels much better about herself. Then she avoids blaming herself and feeling stupid.

– I find it difficult to form sentences, to concentrate, and I am very distracted. There are many things like that that have made me feel like an idiot that has grown up and eroded my self-image, exclaims the 30-year-old.

When she realizes that the diagnosis is what makes her this way, it’s much easier not to let herself be dragged down.

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