Hedwig Gelstad on the recording of “Alle elsker David”.

Hedwig Gelstad on the recording of "Alle elsker David".

Effects Hedwig Sophie Galstad (30) He became a familiar face after the first season of TV 2 show “Alle elsker David” appeared on the screen.

The series follows celebrity director David Eriksen (55) and his life. In seasons one and two, Glistad is seen by his side as a roommate, but in April It became known that the relationship had ended.

Season 3 is coming this fall and viewers will get an insight into the breakup between Eriksen and Gelstad.

rest time: “Everybody Loves David” has become a popular reality series. The third season comes in the fall. Video: Rød Løper / TV 2
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This is how the recording was

To Se og Hør, Glestad admits that what was included in Season 3 has worn off a bit, and explains that “the breakup took a while”. However, she says the season will show some breakdown, in addition to the purchase of her apartment.

For her part, she could share almost everything with TV viewers.

– In a way, I am very open and honest about everything, so I can say a lot. But then you have David who’s probably a little smarter and a little more tactical, so there’s going to be a good mix of all of that,” TV Profile explains.

Hedvig Glestad was also nominated in the ‘Newcomer of the Year’ category at the Se og Hørs Reality Awards. Vote for your favorite below.

While Glestad is happy to be involved and doesn’t think too much about the fact that everyone can see her life unfold, she admits it can be difficult to watch the new season:

– Maybe I’ll look at him with someone.

Too long The comment in “Alle elsker David” was deleted because it was too long. Video: TV2 / Anna Celine Hanisch
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– We’ll learn next time

When the first season of “Alle elsker David” was taped, Glestad was constantly thinking about the cameras out there.

– But with each passing day I didn’t think much of it, I told Se og Hør, adding that she doesn’t care much about the cameras, but it can be hard sometimes when you’re in a tough situation.

For the most part, the 30-year-old receives positive feedback regarding the program, but there is one thing on her nerves:

– People think they know things that aren’t true and things like that, so it’s kind of provocative and a little crazy.

David Eriksen and Hedvig Glestad have been nominated in the “Duo of the Year” category at the Reality Awards. Vote for your favorite below.

When the reality star is asked if there’s anything particularly embarrassing she’d like to highlight, the answer is “no.” Gelstad thinks she does embarrassing things all the time.

– I feel like I say and do a lot of stupid and strange things and think: “Oh my God,” I also think I will learn next time and then I will never do that, she says with a laugh.

According to the profile on TV, she “sways” when she sees herself on TV.

panic: It was difficult for Hedvig Glestad to celebrate her 30th birthday, fortunately the TV cameras from “Alle elsker David” were there. Video: Steffen Pettersen / TV 2
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– looks dirty

After breaking up with Eriksen, the TV profile moved to an apartment in Grünerløkka in Oslo, which viewers will also see in the new season of the reality show.

In the apartment, she implemented several renovation projects, but with varying degrees of success:

– Not completed (apartment, journal note). There are paint spots everywhere so it looks a bit dirty. What I did to myself is a complete disaster, she laughs.

At first she thought it was possible to save money by doing things herself, but eventually she realized it wasn’t for the best, so she hired professionals to do part of the work.

Outside: Lasse Matberg became a solo just before the recording of “Skal vi danse” began, but had the advantage of publicly commenting on the breakup before he left the competition. Video: Luna Leah
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Although there is still some left in the apartment, there is no doubt that Glestad is very happy to live in the lively Grünerløkka.

– I love him. She says I am really happy.

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