Hegerberg was knocked off the field with an injury as Norway secured a WC ticket on Riise – VG .’s debut

Hegerberg was knocked off the field with an injury as Norway secured a WC ticket on Riise - VG .'s debut

Belgium – Norway 0-1 (0-0)

Viewers: 8500 at Den Drive Stadium. Goal0-1: Tova Hansen (61). Judge: Esther Stuble, Switzerland – 5. yellow card: B: Wullaert, Tysiak. N: Mejildi, Ilhosui, Roman Hogg.

Norway (4–3–3):

Aurora Michalsen – 7. The best of Norway. Norway pretty much kept the game in the first half, even if it didn’t undergo the biggest tests. He makes good use of the time at events, gets into concerts – and helps frustrate the home team. He shows more experience than the two international matches would suggest.

Anya Sunstefold – 5. Belgium created a number of chances for Sonstefold in the first half, and they have better control in the second.

Guru Bergswand – 5. Mjelde struggled a bit with Wullaert in the first half, but they spotted him in the second.

Marine McGildy – 6. It rises noticeably in the second half after the first mess at the start and pulls most things off. Saves the Belgian equalizer on the eve of the match. He leads the defense as a captain should, especially in the second half.

Tova Hansen – 6. What a result! Messing a little defensively on some occasions, but several good offensive contributions. She tops it all when she breaks the ball high on the field and hits it across the crossbar.

Frida Manoun – 6. Several good offensive contributions from his role in the domestic feud. Creates Norway’s first chance in the somewhat awkward first half.

Ingrid Serstad Engine – 4. He was running a bit in the first half and struggling to control the ball. Fits into the stopper joint and helps secure victory.

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Guru Ritten – 5. He struggles a bit with set-piece accuracy, although there are some chances. The accuracy wasn’t quite Reiten’s level this time.

Elizabeth Terland – 4. A great shoe to fill in the absence of Caroline Graham Hansen, a player that most people are unfair to compare. Some excellent offensive contributions, but a few ugly defensive slips can cost dearly.

Ada Hegerberg – 5. She fought hard, but this wasn’t a match for her – and she was almost awkward and she never made it to a good position finishing a match. Unfortunately for Hegerberg, the match was ruined by a second-half injury. I went out for my own machine.

Julie Blackstad – 6. He works hard and plays Maanum to get a good chance in the second half with a smart pass. Otherwise it was mostly approx.

Coach Heigh Rise – 7. He obviously raised the morale of the team. Lots of pressure against Belgium and the best start imaginable as a national team manager. However, she is right that it wasn’t a pretty game on their part, but good defensive play in the second half secured victory. Do the work for which they came.

Playing time is too little to rate: Celine Bizet Ildhusoy (67th minute by Ada Hegerberg), Emily Yoramo (77th minute by Frieda Manum) and Sophie Roman Haug (86th minute by Elisabeth Terland).

Rating by: Jens Friberg and Øyvind Herrebrøden.

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