Heidi Roode Ellingen out of ‘Star Wars’ – VG

Heidi Roode Ellingen out of 'Star Wars' - VG
Out: Heidi Rode Ellingen smoked outside Star Wars on Saturday night.

On Saturday night, the participants tested their skills in the Latin pop and folk singing genres. Browse VG song by song.


In recent weeks, participants have had to focus on genres such as opera, country, hip-hop and rock. Saturday night was latin pop and folk singing.

The one who had to leave the competition was Heidi Rod Ellingsen.

“My goal was to get into hip-hop, so everything after that was a bonus,” Rod Ellingsen said shortly after smoking.

She performed Ricky Martin’s song “Livin’ la Vida Loca” and “E du nord” by Carrie Bremenes on the Tonight Tour of Star Wars.

Now Alexandra Rutan, Bjorn Tomrin, Karina Dahl and Juron Stansen will compete.

Here you can see photos from Star Wars tonight:

latin rhythms and norwegian shows

On Saturday night, the participants performed songs from a wide range of artists: from Latin stars Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez to Norwegian songwriters like Eric Bay and Kari Bremenes.

Participants received help from two mentors in the past week: songwriter and producer Nermin Harambasic and songwriter and artist Trygve Skoog.

Neither artist made it to the top with VG’s references Marius Asp, but Alexandra Rotan did get to roll the dice for both her Latin performance and vocals.

Here you can read the reviews song by song. You can also make a judgment by entering a roll of dice:

Watch more “Star Wars” here:

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