Height difference creates challenges for Tom Holland – VG

Height difference creates challenges for Tom Holland - VG
Above: Here are actors Zendaya and Tom Holland during a press conference in London regarding the new film.

The latest scene in the current movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is a problem for actor Tom Holland (25) who is inferior to his co-star Zendaya (25).


Two of the most famous names in Hollywood, like There are also romantic rumors swirling aroundReady for the third Spider-Man movie in the superhero series.

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman is a few centimeters taller than Tom Holland, but she often looks much taller on the red carpet with high heels. The height difference created challenges when superhero Spider-Man, played by Holland, had to rescue Zendaya’s character MJ.

The actors tell in a new interview in the British language The Graham Norton Show, where they also show what has become a challenge.

Did you get to know VGTV reporter Benjamin Brecken (who was then at Filmweb) that Zendaya interrupted him?

The height difference became apparent when Spider-Man was transporting MJ safely to a bridge after a well-ventilated flight.

– Because of our height difference, I landed in front of him. Zendaya says my feet hit the ground before he does.

The height difference caused the Netherlands to swing around Zendaya.

My feet swayed, and she caught me, says Tom Holland, adding:

– I’m a superhero and I’m going to look cool.

The actors say he made it look like MJ was holding Spider-Man securely, and not the other way around.

– You were so cute when that happened. I said “thank you,” Zendaya says of Holland.

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It was nice to be received for once, says Holland.

The new “Spider-Man: No Way Home” movie premieres on December 15 and is the third film in the “Spider-Man” series. The movie trailer has been revealed More secrets to fans when it was released.

Holland previously said that the atmosphere is not as cheerful as in previous films.

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