Hemnes, Coop Midt-Norge | Now you wake up, Coop Midt-Norge

Hemnes, Coop Midt-Norge |  Now you wake up, Coop Midt-Norge

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Hemnesberget only has one grocery store, Coop Prix.

The shop has many friendly staff, but the range is limited and pricier than many of its competitors.

Some items are often free on the shelves, and a nice change with freshly roasted chicken Friday is long gone.

Now we can congratulate Korgen and Coop Nordland on their Coop Extra Super shop, with a better selection of items and much cheaper than the Coop prix in Hemnesberget. Since Coop nordland took over, Bleikvasslia has also had a newly formed Coop Prix shop.

So Coop Midt-Norge must realize that if the store in Hemnesberget does not improve, the already large commercial leak will increase.

There is every reason to believe that Coop Extra in Korgen will be able to enjoy a growing trade from us in Hemnesberget.

So I hope the Coop Midt-Norge Board of Directors will see the need to be competitive in both product selection and pricing with nearby stores and introduce the Coop Extra concept of Friday barbecues in Hemnesberget.

With Regards

Roger Stinson

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