January 27, 2023


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Hemsedal, News | Alpinist dies in Hemsedal – found in avalanche zone

Hemsedal: On the last day of the year, emergency services were notified of two avalanches in Hemsedal.

The first report of the landslide was received at 14.42. It happened in the area of ​​Solhuizen, and the injured person was in contact with the emergency services and could report injuries to a leg.

The man was flown out by air ambulance.

At 15.48 police tweeted:

– There is no doubt at present that others were taken by the avalanche, but it cannot be ruled out. The public is urged to contact people they know who ski in the area to prevent more people from being caught in an avalanche.

Got the missing message

It turned out that no one else was involved in the incident, but police received a missing person report in the afternoon.

– The family said that the person did not return from the ski trip around 16.30 hrs. We asked people in the area to report if they missed someone, because we had an avalanche the day before, John Christian Jansrud, operations manager of the Southeast Police District, told NTB on Saturday evening. Hallingdolan was told by the same operations manager that it was an alpine skier..

At 02.03pm on Sunday, police said a dead person was found in another landslide area – near Totton.

– Police last night said the description of the missing skier matched the man who was found.

Great search function

The discovery came after a massive search operation in which the police, air ambulance, rescue helicopter, Red Cross and Norwegian rescue dogs all took part in the search.

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The man was reportedly alone when the accident took place.

– Victoria Hillveg, Operations Manager of the Søreast Police District, told Drammens Tidende at 06.30 on Sunday morning, “We have no indication that more people were caught in the same race.”

– Where does the person live?

– I don’t want to go out on it right now.

19 volunteers helped

Hilweg says there was a massive search before the dead man was found.

– He was found by a search party in the race area. We have a great device out there that contributed to its discovery.

According to NTB, a 58-year-old man died.

19 volunteers contributed to the search operation on New Year’s Day.

– We are very grateful for the efforts made, said Odd Inge Blakkestad, operations manager of the Buskerud Red Cross. Hallingdolan Night to Sunday.