Henriette Steenstrup: – You could feel a little sore

Henriette Steenstrup: – You could feel a little sore

Christmas Eve is over this year, but for many, that magical Christmas feeling fades as you get older. However, this is not the case for Henriette Steenstrup (48).

Steenstrup makes no secret of the fact that she is very fond of Christmas, and everything that goes along with it.

When Dagbladet met the actress in November, she was able to reveal that Christmas stress wouldn’t affect her this year.

– I’ve already ordered the pork chops and ribs and I know what to give as gifts. This year will be about extended family and tranquillity. And you can’t afford to think like this: “Oh no, we didn’t cut down our Christmas tree.” It will be a plastic Christmas tree quite simply.

Although Steenstrup welcomes Christmas with open arms, she admits that those Christmas nights not celebrating with her kids can be tough.

– This year I will be with my children on Christmas Eve, but I think it is sad the years we have not been together. You can feel a little sore on Christmas Eve, and get a little more emotional on Christmas. This Christmas in particular is very difficult for many.

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– Without experiencing much difficulty, I told my children that this year they would have what they needed, and that it would be woolen underwear and gear. “Forget the drone!” she says jokingly.

With ex-husband Fridtjof Saheim (54), she has children Ebba (15) and Billy (11). In 2019, she married Ron Assman (52 years old) and has three children.

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– It rocks back and forth, so we have to decorate it a little early in order to get the most out of the Christmas atmosphere, she says and adds that she herself prefers to wait with the decorations until Christmas Eve.

Christmas traditions are important to Steenstrup, and like many other Norwegians, it wouldn’t be Christmas without Knut Risan’s novel.

– We get up, then we sit in front of the TV and play “Three Nuts for Cinderella”. The house smells of incense. Then we go for a walk and visit the family. At five o’clock Christmas is called and then Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” should be played, followed by minced meat, then parcels. The evening ends early with a quiz and nut cracker.

However, nature has put an end to one of the actor’s most important traditions:

– Dad and I usually go on a ski trip on Christmas Day – Just the two of us. But now it doesn’t snow at Christmas anymore, so that tradition has fizzled out a bit, she says, laughing.

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