Henrik Eijsink: – The storm of criticism: – It’s funny

Henrik Eijsink: - The storm of criticism: - It's funny

Last Sunday, the stage was set for a grand finale party marking this year’s Farmine finale. Then it finally turned out that it was Henrik Egesink (26) who got away with the win.

Now, among other things, a brand-new car awaits the final winner—one to own and own as soon as the papers are ready, he says.

However, not everyone wishes the 26-year-old to win. There are enthusiastic viewers on social media who think the victory is “undeserved”. He himself takes criticism with overwhelming calmness.

“fraud and deceit”

The criticism is pouring in on social media with comments like:

“There is no deserved winner, only cheating and fantasy.”

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“The bastard won ‘The Farm.’ He shouldn’t be in the final. He who slept longer, ate more, worked less, and ruined. Should have been out of ‘The Farm’ long ago.”

“He cheated and was rude all eleven weeks on the farm.”

Eijsink was introduced to the aforementioned comments by Dagbladet, but he made it clear that he did not pay them particular attention.

– So, what should one actually think about. Comments like this should be laughed at, and it shows; He says it’s only a small part of the residency that’s on screen, and so it can look a little weird at times.

– very calm

The 26-year-old also says he has tried to follow all the rules given by production throughout the season, despite the fact that it hasn’t always been easy – with unclear messages at times. Yet he is content with his own efforts.

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– I know for myself that I kept the rules that were given to me. And I think most, if not all, of the other participants would have agreed. Then I am very calm.

– Do you take any of the criticisms seriously?

– No, I don’t really do that. I like to debate, and I can seem a little skeptical at times. It’s probably not one of my best qualities, but I stand for it, even if it’s a little tiring to be with me sometimes on the farm. I got a clear message from many of the participants that I am very happy to be there, and I will take that with me, he concludes.

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