February 4, 2023


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Henrik Elvejord Borg: - Publicity Stunt Criticized:

Henrik Elvejord Borg: – Publicity Stunt Criticized:

Reality Profile Henrik Elvejord Borg (27)Known from “X on the Beach,” married her Swedish this spring Lisa Angerman (32). The relationship led to Porkpacking and moving to Uppsala, Sweden, but he still visits his home country.

However, his latest visit has caused a backlash from many.

Propaganda First mentioned the subject.

According to a video on Borg’s Instagram, he flew from Sweden to Norway for something very special: a frozen pizza grandiosa.

– Today I felt that I wanted “Grandis”, I had no choice. But I live in Sweden, so it’ll be a morning flight to Oslo, Borg said in the video, tagged with the title tags ad and grandiosa.

Wedding: Reality star Henrik Borg married Lisa Ankerman in Sweden and can now reveal the price tag. Video: Jenny Emily Aus/Reality Awards
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The short flight was part of Borg’s campaign for Orkla, maker of the famous pizza.

He told communications consultant Hans-Peter Nygaard-Hansen Kompanje that he reacted strongly to the ad.

– Serious businesses must take environmental action seriously. Either Henrik boasted that he was sponsored by Orkla, or someone in their marketing department had better travel to Oslo-Stockholm in 2022 specifically to buy the Grandiosa, says Nygaard-Hansen.

Orkla’s senior marketing manager, Ingrid Ronneberg Naas, has Nygaard-Hansen’s criticism. She apologizes on behalf of Orkla.

– We apologize and have stopped the campaign, says Næss Kampanje.

Also, while it’s not true that Borg only toured for a grandiosa, he says the video was a “funny idea.”

Borg confirms to Dagbladet that the video was only made as a joke, but that he still understands that people are reacting.

Hair Transplant Surgery: In the series “Lisa & Henrik”, we join Henrik Borg as he undergoes a hair transplant. Video: Red Runner/Steffen Peterson
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– I’m going to Oslo for a meeting, not just for a grandiosa. I understand the reactions when you think about it after a while, and I understand that people react. It should be taken lying down.

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By Monday morning, the video had been removed from Borg’s Instagram.