June 6, 2023


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Here are the new design changes for Windows 11

The effect of mica in several applications

Microsoft is off to a good start with the 22H2 update that may seem.

Part of this will be OS design optimization, as you’ll notice extensive use of a transparent effect called mecha. This effect is reminiscent of Windows 7’s “Aerial Glass” and provides a transparent/blur effect that lets you see hints of the background image and its colors through the apps you’re using.

The effect does a lot of work to make the operating system look modern, and while it’s programmed to make automatic tweaks to save power and improve performance, there’s a problem that the effect doesn’t apply to all apps in Windows 11. This is on the way to change – in one of the latest versions of Windows , references have been found indicating that Mica’s influence extends to both new and old programs in Windows.

darker mica effect

Moreover, references have been found to another effect called “Tabbed” which Microsoft has been experimenting with for a while and which looks like it could find its way into Windows 11 at any time. The Tabbed effect is supposed to be a variant of Mica and Acrylic, where the three have different degrees of brightness and Tabbed being the darkest of them all.

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