Here, his VGTV reporter’s camera has been smashed by a Vålerenga supporter – VG

Here, his VGTV reporter's camera has been smashed by a Vålerenga supporter - VG

A VG reporter was attacked on Sunday night by an aggressive football fan outside råsen. A video camera was destroyed during the accident.


A VGTV reporter was on the scene to film the fans arriving at the stadium before the big match between Vålerenga and Lillestrøm.

Just over half an hour before kick-off, he had an unpleasant encounter with Vålerenga’s aggressive supporters. The VG transmitter describes the situation as follows:

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I stand in the middle of the road and film the arrival of a Vålerenga fan. Some people yell “Put the camera away” and “Journalist bastard,” and then someone comes along and says I have to stop shooting. I was able to say “No, I’m just standing and filming, not doing anything else,” before someone comes up and pushes me. Then there is someone who comes in at a good speed and cuts off the camera and tramples on it, says the journalist.

Watch the situation in the video window above.

A VG reporter saw that the arrival of Lillestrøm fans at the stadium was uneventful, but when a group of Vålerenga about 1,500 guests arrived on buses, the situation became dire.

Most of the fans were quiet until the fans arrived in the last bus thirty minutes before the match. They were aggressive and not photographed. But no one hurt me. The journalist explained that it was the camera that received the most shock.

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The case will be reported to the police

VG’s news editor, Tora Bakke Håndlykken, says the case will be reported to the police.

– This is gross and totally unacceptable. We respond forcefully to the fact that one of our employees’ camera is broken and that he is prohibited from doing his job as a journalist. Håndlykken says the case will be reported to the police as the first thing we do tomorrow morning.

several gatherings

VG has been in contact with a clan spokesperson, Erling Rostvåg, who says he is “reasonably certain that these are not members of the clan”. In the video, you can see that the person committing the event is dressed entirely in black, not in Vålerenga colours.

Supporter groups around Vålerenga consist of several factions. More about the groups that follow the club you can I read here.

– The journalist got very close to the supporters, and they are not very fond of the paparazzi. It turned out as we feared, Lillestrøm’s director of security, Ronnie Frisith tells VG.

He further referred to the police for further comments.

Police: Find out what happened

We are aware of the incident and have recorded it. Then I think the journalist or VGTV will report it, Eastern Police District Operations Director Terry Marstad tells VG.

– what is happening now?

– We’ll talk to everyone involved. Now we likely have some chances to find out who contributed to the destruction of this camera, says the director of operations, describing the case as an “unwanted accident.”

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– There were also two others who were kicked out of Lillestrøm and Åråsen for drunkenness and a complete lack of morals. Before the football game, Marstad says, he was in one of the “water holes” in the middle.

See more stats for the Elite Series on VG Live.

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