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Moskva i flammar

The photo, which is now circulating on social media, shows smoke rising from the “Moscow” ship.

The photo must have been taken on April 15, that is, the next day the ship must have been hit and on the same day the Russian authorities confirmed that the ship had stockings. For example, it is unclear who posted the photo first.

NRK compared the photo to a previous photo of the ship. The image of “Moscow” in black smoke bears several identification marks consistent with previous photographs of the Russian major.

The photo of the parish ship Moscow shows that the ship has several identification marks that match the earlier photo of Moscow.

Photo: screenshot

Twitter account Technical OSINTwho share intelligence, are among those who share the photo.

– Maybe “Moscow” April 15, write them down.

As the Goradians Moscow correspondent writes, Andrew Roth Twitter He believes that the unverified photo may be the first published after the attack on the warship.

Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, according to the Russians Interfax Comment on the pictures that abound on social networking sites.

– We saw the pictures, but we cannot say whether they are original, according to him.

The only one in the Black Sea

It is reported that the “Moscow” is the only ship of this type currently sailing in the Black Sea.

The ship contains two sister ships, both of which look like the pictured ship in flames, but neither of them are currently stationed in the Black Sea. Both will be in the Mediterranean.

Russia initially rejected Ukrainian allegations that the ship had stockings, but confirmed this on April 15.

A satellite image showing a view of the Russian Navy's guided missile cruiser Moskva in the Black Sea, northwest of Sevastopol.

Satellite image of the ship before it sank.

Photo: Maxar Technologies/Reuters

Ukrainian authorities said the ship was hit by two Ukrainian missiles. Russia, for its part, claims that the ship sank as a result of an explosion on board.

According to the US Department of Defense, the ship was 60 to 65 nautical miles south of the Ukrainian city of Odessa when it was bombed.

called and cried

Sunday night came what may be the first stories from the crew on board.

The mother of one of the recruits on the ship told the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta Europe The son called her and cried.

The Russian naval guest is said to have told that the warship was hit from the land and that they tried to put out the flames on board, and the area is said to have been informed according to the mother.

Mora told the newspaper the district did not want to detail the horrific doctor he’s been through, but said several people are missing and many more have been injured.

– Many of them had their limbs cut off, the mother claims and says the district should have said about 40 people must have died.

Pioneering in Russia

The ship “Moscow” is described as the battleship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. For example, “Moscow” played a central role during the Russian war in Syria in 2015.

It is the second major warship destroyed by Ukrainian forces.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced, Saturday Video showing the crew aboard Moscow. They claimed that the crew was rescued when the ship sank.

In the video, which barely reaches half a minute, one can see dozens of sailors in uniforms of the Russian Navy, but the clip makes it difficult to determine their number.

Some Twitter users expressed doubts that as many as 500 people were supposed to have been on board “Moscow” when the ship started burning.

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