Here it is cheaper and more expensive as a student – VG

Here it is cheaper and more expensive as a student - VG
Chairman: Tua Totnem Lund is the Chairman of the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO).

Many students spend most of their student aid on rent, and some places are more expensive than others.


Being a student can be expensive. Especially if you live in cities like Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen. If you live in Volta, you can expect cash to be in your account after paying the rent.

A survey conducted on behalf of the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO) shows that being a student at Volta is clearly cheaper. Rental prices here are cheaper than anywhere else in the country, with the average price of accommodation being 5164.

Because there are different homes on the market, there will always be a small difference in prices. Whether it is a shared room, dormitory or apartment.

Analyzed the rental market

In the current survey, the Danish research firm Analyze & Tall compared housing ads in student cities from June to December 2021. Statistics are taken from and

According to a report by the Consumer Council in 2021, these will be the sites most people will use to find homes. Nationally, renting a home for the corresponding period costs an average of NOK 1,0389 per month, the survey shows.

The survey was conducted on behalf of the NSO and aims to find out what the actual rental market is like in selected cities. NSO wants this after their own student home survey from 2021 shows the national coverage rate Student residency is only 14.75 percent.

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Very expensive in Oslo

Marit Falla Eriksen is a 30-year-old nurse living in Oslo.

She and a friend share an apartment in Oslo and pay less than 7,200 each. The apartment is 50 to 60 square meters. Other bills are not included in the rent.

Marit is 30 years old, and then he is eligible for two years with additional student loans, but Lennoxen will pay the regular amount for the third year.

She now has two part-time jobs in addition to her studies. This is because she saves money for the year without additional student support.

Marit Falla Eriksen is 30 years old and studying to be a nurse. He thinks rental prices in Oslo are too high for students.

I also like to spend 100 percent of my time in my studies. In the last two months, I have worked 50 percent of my time with a full-time course, he says.

She thinks a city like Oslo is too expensive for students like herself to live in.

– If it could have been at the same rent you have on the Volta, it would have been a serious relief. Then I would devote my full time to study, which is a full-time job, says Erickson.

Cheap in Volta

Sindre Rabbel Tronstad is 23 years old and lives in Volta. There he studies as an elementary school teacher.

– I pay 4500 kroner a month and live in 150 square meters with three people. My bedroom is 18 square meters. This is too big for me, he says.

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Sindre Rabbel Tronstad is 23 years old and lives in Volta. On a daily basis, he studies as an elementary school teacher in Volta.

He knew other students would not like it.

– This is something you do not greatly respect. Is very good. You hear in the news, especially in the Oslo area, that you have to work at the house next door to be diligent. Here in Volta it is customary to live in luxury if working next door.

He himself does not work with his study.

– I’m fine, and the student support at the end of the month is more than enough. I do not envy those who study in the big city. It will immediately become very expensive.

– We are worried

NSO is a Norwegian interest organization for students in Norway, representing approximately 250,000 students at Norwegian universities and colleges.

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They believe the statistics in the survey show that getting student support is not enough to cover a student’s expenses.

The survey shows that on average a student lives on 1,098 kroner a month while paying rent. It goes without saying that this is not enough. We are concerned that students should work instead of studying, says Dua Totem Lund.

He believes student support should increase and that rental prices and higher costs among students help create a rift.

– We are concerned that students should work rather than study. This, he says, creates a divide between those who are unemployed, those who receive no assistance, those who receive help from home, or those who receive well-paying jobs.

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