Here it is cheaper now

Here it is cheaper now

Many travel-loving Norwegians are currently looking for destinations that offer the best value for money now that the summer holidays are approaching.

Given the prevailing economic conditions, there are several countries that stand out as particularly favorable for travelers who want to get the most out of their krona.

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Traveling to popular euro countries has become more expensive for Norwegians as a result of the weak krone exchange rate. You can still find many good deals if you are open to exploring a less traditional destination.


  • Norwegians are looking for affordable travel destinations for the summer due to the weak krone exchange rate.
  • Egypt, Albania, Montenegro and Poland are among the cheapest options.
  • Greece and Spain are still very popular, but more expensive.
  • Our Forex Holiday Index shows that India, Egypt and Indonesia are the cheapest, while Monaco, Cayman Islands and Bermuda are the most expensive.
  • Top 10 cheapest

    Robert Ness, investment director at Nordea Bank, singled out Egypt, saying that the currency there has weakened by 33 percent in recent months – which means you will get a lot more money this year than last.

    – There aren't yet all parts of the country you should travel to, so check government travel advice, says Ness. TV 2like It has compiled a list of 20 holiday countries that offer the highest value for money.

    Hide a secret

    If you want an affordable holiday and at the same time want to think outside the box a little, you should check out the following destinations – a product that costs NOK 100 in Norway will cost the following amount in the selected country:

    The 10 cheapest countries in krone, according to TV 2

    1. India: 27.8
    2. Kenya: 30.3
    3. Madagascar: 31.6
    4. Tunisia: 35.4
    5. Morocco: 36.6
    6. Egypt: 36.6
    7. Vietnam: 37.9
    8. Türkiye: 42.7
    9. China: 43.1
    10: Brazil: 44.4

    – Crystal clear tendency

    – Euro countries Greece and Spain remain the most popular countries for Norwegians to travel to this summer, despite the weaker krone and rising interest in housing here at home. There is a crystal clear direction, no one is on top, and no one is to the side.

    This is what Tui's communications director, Anne Mørk-Løwengreen, told DinSide. According to her, Albania, Montenegro and Poland in particular are the countries whose popularity is growing the most.

    Affordable: - There were also twice as many orders to Thailand this summer than last year, so for those who want a two-week holiday, this is an affordable alternative, says Anne Mørk-Løwengreen.  Image: TOI

    Affordable: – There were also twice as many orders to Thailand this summer than last year, so for those who want a two-week holiday, this is an affordable alternative, says Anne Mørk-Løwengreen. Image: TOI
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    – These are the countries where price-sensitive Norwegians get the most out of every krone. Mork Loengren says interest in Bulgaria and Turkey is also growing, but not to the same extent.

    The 5 best holiday deals with charter flights scheduled with Tui this summer

    1. Mallorca
    2. Crete
    3. Rhodes
    4. Gran Canaria
    5. Cyprus

    Her best advice for those who want to save money on their joint vacation is to travel there.

    – In Türkiye and Bulgaria you get great hotels of a high standard at a lower price than in Greece and Spain. At the same time, dining out, shopping and activities are much cheaper, explains Mork Loengren.

    Thousands demonstrated against mass tourism

    Thousands demonstrated against mass tourism

    Top 3 most expensive

    Forex It has also created an index of holidays to cheapest destinations in 2024, which shows the cost of a holiday in 96 countries compared to Norway.

    Their index compares average prices for, among other things, middle-class or three-star hotels, restaurant visits and taxis.

    In line with TV 2, they also believe India is the cheapest country to go to this year, followed by Egypt and Indonesia.

    cheap?  forget that!

    cheap? forget that!

    However, Monaco, Cayman Islands and Bermuda are at the bottom of the list.

    However, if you are planning to stay in Europe and want to find the cheapest destinations, you should consider Bulgaria, Albania, Poland, Romania, Portugal or Greece.

    The Forex survey also shows that Iceland is the most expensive Nordic country for Norwegians to spend their holidays.

    Lower prices on remaining places

    – Right now, you can already get a one-week southern holiday for less than NOK 2,000 per person at the end of May, Anne Mørk-Loengren, communications director at TUI, said in a press release on Monday.

    That is if you can travel on very short notice and are flexible about your destination.

    Here you have to bomb

    Here you have to bomb

    – I didn't think we would see such low prices this season. But when the sun shines here at home and it's as hot as it is now, this affects demand and then prices for the remaining places go down, says Mork Loengren.

    You can also secure a fairly high standard hotel for a fraction of the price in high season if you are willing to spend a few thousand more.

    – When the weather changes to normal Norwegian weather, unstable summer weather here at home, the price level of the remaining places also returns to normal. So, if you're looking for a real travel deal, you need to be fast and flexible, Tui's communications director said.

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