Here “Nebo” understands that his compatriot is working against him – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

Here “Nebo” understands that his compatriot is working against him – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– It was at the other end. A very interesting idea was played in the “Catalan opening”, for which Daniel should be commended, says Jan Nepomnyasich in an interview with Russian Chess Federation.

A disappointed Nepomnyashige was forced to see Magnus Carlsen lift on Sunday World Cup during the closing ceremony in Dubai. After that, the Russian took the time to answer questions about the chess star who became the subject of great discussion after the World Cup match:

Chess - World Rapid And Blitz Chess Championship 2018

On everyone’s lips: Daniel Dubuff became the big talking point after the World Cup.

Photo: Anton Vaganov/Reuters

Landsmann’s Daniel Dubov.

She actually broke into about 25 years ago from Moscow after being known about him He was part of Carlsen’s minor team.

In a minor role, the world number one Dubuffe assisted with both the opening preparations and the analysis ahead of the World Cup match. He also helped the Norwegian before the 2018 World Cup.

“Before the second gig, there was some doubt about whether Dubov was actually part of Team Magnus, but then the doubt disappeared,” says Nepomnyashige.

Watch the video: Here you see the first five moves in the second World Cup match. Nepomnyashi did not say specifically what moves made him understand that Dubov was on the Norwegian side.

“Nebo” stabbed his compatriot

Known as one of the most innovative elite chess players, Nebo also reveals that Carlsen’s play in game five was marked by his compatriot’s ideas.

“As far as I understand, the order of movements would probably not have been chosen without the Dubov effect,” says Nepomnyashi before breaking out with a sting:

Basically, I had a good chance of winning both games. So I would like to congratulate him on this achievement.

NRK chess expert Torstein Bae points out that Nepomnyashige knows Dubov well, which is likely why “Nebo” is able to see his compatriot’s thoughts in a Carlsen match.

He also knows that Dubov is the most creative player in the global elite, so when Magnus pulls something new out of his hat, he’s probably feeling “grandson” Bay says he’s playing not only against Magnus, but also against Dubov in the back room.

He thinks Dubov should have been impartial

In an interview with the Russian Chess Federation, Nepomnyashti was also asked what he thought of the controversies surrounding Dubov. Here, Nebo confirms that his compatriot has already teamed up with Carlsen since 2018.

Magnus Carlsen

Win: Magnus Carlsen lifted the World Cup for the fifth time on Sunday.

Photo: Christian Krakenes

– But on the other hand, Dubov and I previously also cooperated for two years, so I think the most logical thing would have been if he had been neutral, he says.

Bey thinks Nepomnyashii is clearly not happy that the Russian has chosen to work with Carlsen.

Bay concludes that he is clearly not happy after this match, and wants to kick Dubuffe by saying there was no special class on the job he did.

Dubov himself seems to take the criticisms of the Russian chess community very calmly. He told the site champions He basically watched the World Cup match between two people, not two countries.

– I saw no reason to say no to working with the most powerful chess player in history and at the same time helping a friend, he said and brought the following message to the critics:

– I don’t know where it comes from that a Russian cannot help a foreigner prepare for a title fight against a Russian. Not from a great mind, probably.

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