Here, records have fallen so far this summer – V.G

Here, records have fallen so far this summer - V.G
Summer’s winner?: It’s been consistently sunny and hot in Oslo this summer.

According to meteorologists, (almost) the entire kingdom will experience severe weather this weekend. But which parts of the country were this summer’s weather winners and weather losers? Check the list for answers to see if summer is registered where you live.

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Summer will immediately enter the third month, the collective vacation is over. If you weren’t one of those people who got on a plane this summer when it got messed up — or if you prefer to spend your vacations in the confines of your home — you’ve almost certainly dealt with the fireball we call the sun.

researchers warned this summer High emissions and global warming can result in heat waves and extreme heat. We also have it in Norway He felt a heat wave hit Europe.

Preliminary data has been sent to VG from the Met Office summarizing the weather for June and July. Here’s what the numbers show:

Register hot

June was hot, very hot. According to Meteorological Institute June is the tenth warmest June in Norway. On average, temperatures in June were 1.7 degrees above normal.

It was at the end of the month Very hot in northern Norway, and heat registers exploded on an assembly line. 44 weather stations set new temperature records, most of them in the north.

Svalbard, far, far to the north, had its hottest June on record, according to the Met Office.

But even July was hot, very hot. Statistics show that seven warmest July records have been set in Norway just days before heading into August – most of them in the north of the country.

According to statistics from meteorologists, a total of 51 heat records were set in Norway in June and July.

After the sun comes up…

the rain Western Norway, Trendalak and Northern Norway both had a particularly wet July. Elin Lundstad, a climatologist at the National Weather Service, points out that drastic weather changes are more natural.

– There is actually a natural reaction. The heat will lead to more moisture in the atmosphere, which will come back down, Lundstad tells VG.

VET: Jørn Bendiksen (76) from Faske thinks the summer climate is changing, but wouldn’t swap a summer in northern Norway for a trip south.

And the rain really came. So far 16 weather stations have recorded new rainfall records for the month of July. These were all in the counties of Vestland, Trøndelag, Nordland and Troms and Finnmark.

– The weather is very changeable. Or it was really hot, one day it was over 30 degrees here, and then all of a sudden we have it here, said Jørn Bendiksen. Lie to VG when it rained worst in the north.

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However, only one weather station in eastern Norway recorded the most rainfall in one day. Strömfoss in Coimbatore received 56 mm of rain in 24 hours.

Climate refugee: The Freya walrus actually has its natural habitat in the north. This summer, on the other hand, he ravaged southern and eastern Norway. Weather-wise, she may have hit the inner layer of summer completely.
Summer night in Lillesand: Supermoon and beautiful view in Lillesand, a neighboring town of Kristiansand on 13 July 2022.

Best summer weather

A preliminary overview of summer temperatures in major cities of the country for both June and July has been sent to VG. Two candidates in particular stand out as “summer winners.”

– Where was the best weather in the country this summer?

– It’s really not a good thing to say. According to these criteria, it seems that Oslo or Kristiansand are the best places. There are very high temperatures and very long periods of sunshine, climate researcher Lundstad adds:

– Although Tromsø has high temperatures in July, there has been a lot of rain in recent weeks. This is actually a new monthly record of 161.2 mm of rain, which was broken in 1999 with 175.1 mm of rain.

See the table below for an overview of the main Norwegian cities!

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Clarification: After publishing this case, heat records for July were also sent to VG. So the number of heat records so far this summer has been raised from 44 to 51. Case adjourned to 23.50 on 29.07.2022.

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