Here, the swimming deer gets help

Here, the swimming deer gets help

– I'm an animal lover and my biggest concern is whether the deer should be killed, says Ronnie Rosenberg at the rescue.

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On Thursday morning, the rescue was notified of a moose swimming in Byfjorden in Bergen.

– It was under some pillars in Nordness, and many people searched for it, says Roni Rosenberg.

He teaches lifesaving to 9th graders in Bergen and was in the office when the news came. So he joined the rescue company's boat to rescue the deer.

Fire crews also went in a boat to help the animal, which was struggling for life in the fjord.

– By then the deer had reached the middle of the fjord. We lay back on both sides to graze the deer for landing. If it swings in the wrong direction, we lie on its side. We don't want to stress the animal. The lifeboat “Christian Gerhard Jepsen 11” is behind us again, says Rosenberg.

If the animal had to be killed, he says, Wiltvagden was also taken to Nordnes.

– I am an animal lover and my biggest concern is whether the deer should be killed. But it's more humane than drowning, says Rosenberg.

He estimates that it took about 45 minutes for the animal to arrive safely ashore at Luxevak.

– It rushed and floated. But it went slower and slower. It barely made it ashore at the Naval Academy. By then it was completely worn out. Eventually it disappeared into the woods, says Rosenberg.

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– How did you experience this rescue operation?

– It's great that it has a happy ending. It's a busy area outside the 5 knot zone where deer swim, and there are ice boats, small boats and jet skis. If any of them had hit a deer, it would have been really crazy, says Rosenberg.

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