Here there will be a dispute about cars

Here there will be a dispute about cars

After years of speculation, today Ferrari finally unveiled its first SUV – the Purosangue. The name means authentic – and if in doubt: Purosangue really lives up to the expectations you get from the name.

It will be the most powerful series-produced SUV on the market – and features the unmistakable Ferrari design.

– That’s very special. Happening in the automotive world. Ferrari has been long overdue – but has now also jumped into the SUV trend. And he talked about doing it with full weight. V12 engine – in an SUV! Broome’s editor-in-chief, Vigard Muller-Johnsen, says Ferrari is not in self-deprecation.

He is one of many who last used the countdown to unveiling.

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Interest for several years to come

The last person to do so was Ron F. Prath. He is the head of Formula Automobile – the first and only official Ferrari dealership in Norway. They opened the doors to the newly renovated buildings in Billingstadsletta as recently as January.

– It is clear that this is an important model for us in Norway. It has plenty of space, four-wheel drive, higher ground clearance and a V12 engine. However, it contains 100 percent DNA of the Ferrari sports car.

– There will be very limited production. We already have a good enough interest in delivery for several years to come.

Rear doors that open the “wrong” way – or so-called suicide doors – allow access to the two rear seats. Five seats? Forget it! This is a Ferrari, he should know…

Ferrari Purosangue: could set record sales in Norway

Norway: – an important new market

The intake will be much greater than the production of cars.

– Here we want to fight all other countries for the scale of the factory’s production. But Norway is an important new market for Ferrari – and booking lists are open, even if the delivery time is long, Pratt stresses.

Ron F Pratt is the President of Formula Automobile - Ferrari's only Norwegian dealer.  He talks about the huge interest in the new Ferrari model.

Ron F Pratt is the President of Formula Automobile – Ferrari’s only Norwegian dealer. He talks about the huge interest in the new Ferrari model.

There are new times, also for Ferrari, as we look at their thoughts on the future. They believe in 20 percent of electric cars, 40 percent of plug-in hybrids, and 40 percent of gasoline by 2026.

Ferrari is set to launch a total of 15 product innovations over the next three years. Included here, it is also expected to be a rechargeable hybrid variant from Purosangue.

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Ferrari had a screen on the passenger side before, too.  But not as big as what we see now.

Ferrari had a screen on the passenger side before, too. But not as big as what we see now.

– I managed to stay close

But for now, it’s a 6.5 liter V12 that applies to the Purosangue.

– He is breathing on his own. She is fierce! In other words, there is no help from the turbo here. This is exactly what many will appreciate. Here you can do more than 8000 revolutions per minute — and it’ll probably look great, says Broom-Vegard.

An eight-speed automatic transmission takes care of the power distribution – and all-wheel steering should help make large SUVs as nimble as possible through turns.

strong ore

Ferrari also sets the sky high in terms of power – with 715 horsepower.

This means that it can do 0-100 km/h in 3.3 seconds. The maximum speed is more than 307 km / h.

We remind you that we are talking here about a full-fledged SUV. Or, we owe it to you to point out that Ferrari is very clearly not an SUV at all. Or a crossover. And with a height of 1589 mm, maybe they have a small dot? The Range Rover will fly over Purosangue, so to speak… We leave it to everyone to decide whether or not they want to name this SUV. This debate will likely not subside for a while.

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More luxury

The cabin is also a long step in a new direction – and this direction is all about luxury. Here, much emphasis is not placed on practical characteristics. Only two back seats. Luggage compartment – 472 liters. But in turn, the four who get a seat should sit in a very comfortable position.

We do not yet know the cost of Purosangue in Norway. But in the United States, the price is about 4 million NOK. Of course, Norwegian taxes will make it very expensive here.

– This is the new car. There should be no doubt about that. Here, well-to-do customers will stand in line. It has a classic Ferrari design. Broom-Vegard believes it is more elegant and effective than brutal and ostentatious.

Ferrari Pure Sango

What we know so far:

  • Engine: naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12
  • Torque: 715 HP
  • 0 to 100 km/h: 3.3 seconds
  • 0 to 200 km/h: 10.6 seconds
  • Maximum speed: more than 307 km / h
  • Weight: 2033 kg
  • Weight distribution: 49/51
  • Length x width x height: more than 5000mm x more than 2000mm x 1589mm
  • Wheels: 22″ front and 23″ rear
  • Luggage compartment: 472 liters

Status updated!

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