June 10, 2023


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Hereford All Saints:- A 700-year-old ice cream gone viral

For years, congregations have come and gone to Hereford All Saints Church, which was begun sometime in the 13th century.

Perhaps few – or no one – knew the secret that hides under the high ceiling.

Kicking with the legs

The detailed woodcut first became visible to guests in the late 1990s.

Found dead in a drawer

Writes the local newspaper Hereford Times.

Then a café with accompanying lounge seating opened in the church, which means you can get close enough to see the details of the carving:

Naked man spreads his legs to show off his lower frame.

– the figure, which was probably made in the 15th century, perhaps by a disgruntled carpenter, is still visible to the patrons of the café. The newspaper writes that many may not realize that it exists barely two meters above their heads.

– Like childishness

In 2021, pictures of the sculptures have gone viral on the internet, and people can hardly believe it was right to have such a conspicuous figure in the church.

Anita, 66, has a royal crush

Anita, 66, has a royal crush

However, fact-checking site Snopes.com manages to confirm this:

– In the fourteenth century, people could be as childish as they are today, they wrote.

Snopes.com confirms the photo was taken at Hereford All Saints’ Church. They write that the figure was probably made during the construction of the church.

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according to British Express The church had already been begun in 1200. When the first building was damaged, probably in an earthquake, it had to be rebuilt.

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The church was completed around 1330, 693 years ago.

Astronaut in the church

This is far from the only rough carving to be found in a church in Herefordshire. In the church at Kelbeck there is a stone carving of the so-called Chiala na Gage – a woman flaunting her genitals.

Clothing is prohibited here

Clothing is prohibited here

In 2009, there were rumors that an astronaut had been carved into the wooden walls of a church in Spain that was built in the 12th century.

then Snopes.com After investigating the case, it turned out that the astronaut was cut off during renovations in the 1990s.