Here’s all the info Apple revealed that you need to keep up with before Wednesday

Here's all the info Apple revealed that you need to keep up with before Wednesday

Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman is pretty sure that on Wednesday, in addition to launching the iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8 and Pro, Apple will showcase the new AirPods Pro 2.

Bluetooth LE Audio is perhaps the biggest improvement for AirPods Pro 2

It makes sense to launch the new AirPods at the same time as the new iPhone, and that’s a little extra time: AirPods Pro launched in October 2019. Maybe just the battery is a problem for many now.

Gurman was told a few days before the press conference that they would be making their debut there, but then didn’t reveal anything about the product.

“Time is the most important”

Gurman says that “the most important new product will be the Apple Watch Pro.

The watch is designed to compete directly with high-end and rugged Garmin watches – a group aimed at strength athletes such as mountain bikers, hikers and marathon runners.” The new watch will cost $900 to $1,000, about 10,000 NOK as previously reported.

Series 8 watches get body temperature and fertility measurements taken.

iPhone 14 sales are expected to start on September 16

As for the iPhone 14, there’s nothing new to report: the 14 series gets an A15 chip, Pro models get the A16, a new FaceID sensor area, an always-on panel, and a 48-megapixel camera.

In addition to FaceID, I’m told the iPhone 14 Pro models will look somewhat larger, have smaller frames and larger batteries.

Mark Gorman, Bloomberg

Apple headset not revealed on Wednesday

Apple Reality is the name of the VR/AR headset from Apple. The company has also considered Vision, but new trademark registrations more or less prove reality.

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The headset has been in development for several years and “mixes augmented reality and virtual reality.” The headset will launch next year, and a smaller AR-only pair will follow in a few years.

Perhaps the Apple Reality Pro is the name of the first speaker, then Apple will follow up with the Apple Reality One, which will be cheaper.

The “Reality Processor” will take care of the hard work of the product of processing AR and VR, along with the M2 chip.

Gurman also discovered a new brand, Optica, which may indicate the function that makes it possible to change the optics if necessary.

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