Here’s what Lenny Meister says about her marital status

Here's what Lenny Meister says about her marital status

On Monday night, eager TV viewers can get answers to the season’s big question: Who stayed that way Lenny Misters (36) Prince Charming?

In the end, it turned out that four weeks was too little time to fall in love with Lenny, who ended up sending both finalists.

last: It is finally set for the finale in “Linni’s Search for the Prince of Dreams”. Who ends up escaping with Lenny Meister’s heart? Video: Luna Leah / Discovery +. Reporter: Jonas Hammer
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It was a tearful episode on the part of the 36-year-old, who stated several times that she “must follow her heart”.

Now she is defending the elections in a long post on Instagram, and also revealing something about her marital status.

Pictured with a mysterious man

Lenny wrote in the post that she’s going one day at a time, describing her marital status as “interesting.”

This week it can, though look and hear She reveals that she traveled to Hamsidal with a mysterious man.

On Instagram, Linni also writes:

new prince: Not many people were left around the battle for Lenny Maester’s heart, and once again the Prince had to leave the gang in Karajero. Video: The red carpet
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“We all find our prince/princess with time, a kind and good personality – we all deserve it.”

It is not yet known who the mysterious man is.

– We did our best

Lenny further writes that she is very grateful that she was allowed to meet the men on the series, and also said that it was a slightly more difficult journey than she had hoped.

Lynes’ world: Lenny Meister is getting her own TV series. Video: Discovery +
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“We did our best to get to know each other in the short time we spent together. Love isn’t quite easy, especially when dating on TV, in front of a lot of cameras. I don’t regret that I dared to join, because I learned and grew as a human by joining this ‘, you write.

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Lenny further says that it’s not her case of dating boys before and after recording, but she makes it clear that she thinks it’s “very comfortable” for some of them to start dating again.

Get support in the comments area

Many have expressed their support for Lenny in the comments area. Among the comments, we find comedians Train Lees Olsen (46)close friend of Linnaeus and “The Couch” Mia Gundersen (60).

encrypted: Lenny Meister rocks the series “Lenny Looking for the Prince of Dreams”. Now we may have found evidence of who’s running away with her heart. Video: Luna Leah / Red Carpet / Discovery +
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“As much as you dare to follow your heart, that shows courage and wisdom…You don’t just do anything to please the viewers, you make thoughtful decisions, there is so much power in this #respect. You love yourself,” Trane Lise wrote.

Jean Thomas (55)who was the presenter of “Linni Looking for the Prince of Dreams,” shows his support by leaving a heart-shaped emoji.

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