Hermann Fleswick, with Culler | Clear speech of the congenital: That is why he wore sunglasses

GRIEGHALLEN (Nettavisen): Famous actor and series creator Hermann Fleiswick (30) received the generous prize of the “Audience Award” evening at this year’s Culroton Awards.

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Great parts of famous Norway were really neat when it finally celebrated that the epidemic was not a stop for Culrodon and the red carpet. But there were some who suggested a slightly different style.

Got the clear message

On the way to Creek Hall, the word button on Fleswick adorned the dark sunglasses. Even during the award ceremony, they stayed.

After being named the 30-year-old Norwegian most famous person by the generous award, he joined Netavicen d.The real reason he wore sunglasses.

In front of the wall of the magazine, he appeared without the sunglasses that had previously been securely attached to his head. He also admits that he was a little tired of the dark glass.

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– I have a roommate who says he’s cool with sunglasses and told me to wear them, so Fleswick reveals that I did it.

The reason behind the mysterious glasses was not a serious eye injury, but a call. From girlfriend There may be a reason for the glasses.

Watch the full interview with the winner of the Audience Award recently here:

– Fleswick says I’m easily annoyed, so it could have gone smoothly, and he’s not hiding the fact that he’s kind of easily annoyed.

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In the Thanksgiving speech, he took the opportunity to thank his girlfriend and put him on the ground. The 30-year-old is not surprised that he comes up with a little tribute without talking loudly about his girlfriend.

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– Family and boyfriend tell me 30 year old Netavisen that they make me a good boy.

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