– He’s just a human – VG

- He's just a human - VG
Haaland Weil knows: Current Molde coach, Erling Mo (right-back) was an assistant coach when Braut Haaland played for Molde in 2017 and 2018. He understands that someone has to put an end.

ULLEVAAL (VG) There was a lot of fanfare over the NFF’s decision to protect Erling Braut Haaland (21) from the press during this national team rally. Several Elite Series trainers are behind the assessment now.


I have full understanding and confidence that Ståle is defending, or that he has asked for protection. I think that’s pretty clever now. KBK coach Christian Michaelsen says for VG that it has a bit of human respect in this too.

The same was noted by Jer Buck, head coach of LSK.

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– He’s just a human, too. It’s not just dealing with a global superstar. He’s still young, and he should be allowed to stay injury-free and focus on the right things. I have a very good understanding of that, Bakke tells VG.

After VG’s commenter space Leif Welhaven wrote that ‘Freaks begin to linger’, It was posed, among other things, by TV 2’s football expert, Yao Amankwah Not fully understood from the commentator’s point of view.

Commentator Adresseavisen Berger Lovevaldley thinks The national football team and Erling Braut Haaland have a lot to learn from Therese Juhaug’s media engagement During the National Championships in Harstad this week, where she was by far the biggest star – a comparison that made Ståle Solbakken ignite:

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Molde coach Erling Mo knows Braut Haaland well after several seasons together in the City of Roses. Like his colleagues, he fully understands why the world star is protected.

– I see the starting point for whoever wants to transfer him, but at the same time we know that if he had lined up at the press conferences, there would be nothing to do with the national team and the upcoming matches. It will only be about transitional epics. When Erling was now so big, and was in his position in terms of club selection, this could have been a path that might not suit a national team, the Molde manager told VG.

Dag-Eilev Fagermo defines himself as a driving force for open dialogue with the media. He still understands that the NFL has chosen to do what it is doing now.

– It’s a tough question. Protection is important. This is a global star in the biggest sport in the world. There is a big influence on him. Protect it right. There is a reason why the big clubs do it,” Fagermo tells VG.

Clear in his speech: Dag-Eilev Fagermo emphasizes the importance of the profile that Braut Haaland has to the development and vision of Norwegian football.

Pål Arne “Paco” Johansen is Odd’s new coach of the year. Like Erling Mo, Braut Haaland knows well. In 2019, he led the national under-20 team at the World Cup, with the 21-year-old spearheading the game.

– He’s young and should have time to develop every day, too. There are a lot of rumors about the transformation and probably a lot going on in his life that we don’t know anything about, so I think he’s fine. He looked good against Slovakia. As a former coach of the national team, it is very interesting to watch her, “Baku” tells VG.

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Like everyone else on the national team, he has a mission to be popular. But there is a limit somewhere. I think he got to it, says FKH coach Jostein Grindhaug.

Former coach: Pål Arne “Paco” Johansen (right) with Erling Braut Haaland during the U20 WC in 2019.

In the Bodo/Glimt camp, those who always want to focus on themselves rather than others. Coach Kjetil Knutsen still believes that the support apparatus around the world star is best suited for making these decisions, and not the viewers in the media.

They know the best way to take care of such things. My opinion is totally irrelevant. There is war in Europe, and we should also focus on whether Mr. Haaland should be protected or not? It’s not entirely fun, Knutsen tells VG.

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