Hets, Social Media | Dana Manoseri got a job at Frp

Hets, Social Media |  Dana Manoseri got a job at Frp

– This is sad for democracy.

The 37-year-old was until recently the General Secretary of LIM (Gender Equality, Integration, Diversity). Two weeks ago, he worked as a political adviser at Frp, where he worked closely with party leader Sylvie Listak to shape the party’s immigration and integration policy over the years.

However, Manochehri, a former refugee from Iran, is known as one of the country’s leading critics of Islam. When she announced her transfer to Frp, it created a stir on social media. Eva Stenbro, a journalist and guest writer at the cultural newspaper Eva Stenbro, recently received a lengthy comment about the stimulus revealed by the 37-year-old.

I knew it a week ago Dana Manoseri He agreed to be a consultant in the Progressive Party, and it did not take long for the media to write about the case until the impetus began. From being a respected voice in public debate, she was abruptly reduced to “immigration alibi” in Frp. In other words, the woman cannot think for herself. She does not know her best.

She was accused of betraying her and pulling the ladder after her. It is not known which ladder, the provocation on social media indicated that many believe she fell into a moral ditch. Based on the temperature of the news, it is very natural to think that the ladder is burning on the way to hell.

But it didn’t stop there. », Some of Stenbro writing.

You can read her full comment here:

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– It should not be like that

Manochehri is primarily concerned about the latest stimulus.

Personally it is very disgusting, but overall it is sad for democracy that we are no longer in 2021. It is a paradox that the same people who highlight minority women with or without hijab should paint me black. Must be “Uncle Tom”. It causes me stress as a woman. That should not be the case, says FRP’s political adviser to Netavisan.

And she adds:

It is allowed to criticize my political position and politics in the frp, but does not follow me as a human being. Among other things, it is sad to see that there are false allegations of harassment. This is a violation of an open democracy. These people need an echo room, says Manoseri.

When FRP leader Sylvie Listak recently stopped working, she talked about her daily life:

Believes a slander is being made

The political adviser at the FRP knows that everyone has the right to have their own political views, but there is a growing perception in some minority circles that the party should be hated.

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– FRP has been brown for a long time, and it’s easy to say “immigrants aren’t there”. It is a paradox that these people could have gone to the torch procession for me, if I had been an SV member and wore the hijab, but it is not possible to stand for the Frp. Immigrants are doing a slander by overthrowing the party that wants equal rights for all in Norway, regardless of background.

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I am a witness to the fact that I say anything other than them, and destroys all their arguments about why the FRP is a party of the extreme right. What is missing is being generous and generous with those who think differently, says Manoseri.

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Finally, as one of Sylvie Listax’s closest advisers, he talks a little about the way forward.

– I will work in the field of immigration and integration. I’m looking forward to it, as long as they have faith in me, as long as I have faith in them, I look forward to the next few years, says the FRP’s political adviser.

For the record: Dhana Manoseri was previously a commentator on Netvision.

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